The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3501-PS

I, Max Amann, after having been duly sworn, do hereby state as follows:

1.   Since 1933, when the Nazi Party came into power in
  Germany, I held the position of Reich Leader of the Press
  [Reichsleiter fuer die Presse] and President of the Reich
  Press Chamber [Reichspressekammer]. In carrying out my
  duties and responsibilities, I became familiar with the
  operations and the organization of the Reich Ministry of
  Propaganda and Enlightenment.

2.   Walther Funk was the practical minister of the Ministry
  of Propaganda and Enlightenment and managed the Ministry.
  Funk was the soul of the Ministry, and without him Goebbels
  could not have built it up. Goebbels once stated to me that
  Funk was his “most effective man". Funk exercised
  comprehensive control over all of the media of expression in
  Germany; over the press, the theater, radio and music. As
  Press Chief of the Reich Government and subsequently as
  Under Secretary of the Ministry, Funk held daily meetings
  with the Fuehrer and a daily press conference
in the course of which he issued the directives governing
the materials to be published by the German press.

3. I have read, I fully understand and I fully subscribe to,
the foregoing statement.

                                          [signed] Max Amann

Sworn before me this 19th day of December 1945.
[signed] Thomas S. Hinkel
Lt. Col. IGD.