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Translation of document 3474-PS

Generaloberst GOERING
Chef des Stabsamtes

                                  Berlin W 8 Leipziger Str 3
                                       Phone: A 2 Flora 6451
                                            2 December 1936.

           Note for the files on the discussion on
         2 December 1936.        11 A.M.--12.05 P.M.


Generaloberst Goering,
General der Flieger Milch
Generalleutnant Kesselring
Generalleutnant Rudel
Generalmajor Stumpf
Generalmajor Christiansen
Generalmajor Volkmann,
Ministerialdirigent Fisch
Generalleutnant Witzlebeh
Generalmajor Kitzinger
Oberst Udet
Oberst Bodenschatz


World press excited about the landing of 5,000 German
volunteers in Spain. Official complaint by Great Britain;
she takes up connection with France.

Italy suggests that Germany and Italy send each one division
ground troops to Spain. It is, however, necessary that Italy
as interested Mediterranean power issues a political
declaration first. A decision can only be expected in a few

The general situation is very serious. Russia wants the war.
England rearms speedily. Command therefore: Beginning today
"hechste Einsatzbereitschaft"--regardless of financial
difficulties. Goering takes over full responsibility.

Peace [Ruhe] till 1941 is desirable. However, we cannot know
whether there will be implications before. We are already in
a state of war, it is only that no shot is being fired so

Fieldmarshal v. Blomberg will be informed by the Fuehrer to-
morrow, accordingly.

Beginning January 11937 all factories for aircraft
production run “moliblachungsmaesig".

More money is to be spent on aircraft, equipment,
implements, supplies, less for extending barrack and

Colonel Udet is asked whether the Expeditionary group
Oberstleutnant v. Richthofen works satisfactory in Spain.
Udet answers in the affirmative. Goering ordered that … is
not burdened too much with correspondence. Goering
recommends closest collaboration with Austria. Not too old
and not too new supplies shall be given away. Austria will
never fight against us. Austria ought to have pilots,
engineers and fitters trained in Germany. Austria shall
above all, extend her ground forces. Our interest must
always be in the foreground. Goering wants to be informed
shortly on the measures taken by the “Amtschef". Goering
discusses the tasks of the various airplane types,
furthermore the standardization of engines, purchase of
foreign engines, questions of the budget, supplies, further
extension of the anti-aircraft artillery.

                                   (signed)      BODENSCHATZ