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Translation of document 3473-PS

[Pencil note]
Phone: 165861 settled by tel. 7th Jan 37
[sign.]     Limberger

                       Miss Grundtmann

Keppler should be told by telephone:

1. He should do everything to avoid the resignation of
Councillor of State Dr. Seyss-Inquart and State-Minister
[Bundesminister] Glaise von Horstenau. If some difficulties
should arise, Mr. Seyss-Inquart should come to him first of

2. Mr. Leopold has already been ordered but has not received
the permission to leave his country at the present. The
General (der Herr Generaloberst) intends to receive him on
the 14th or 15th of January, so that he can give him very
definite instructions.

Carinhall, January 6 1938

                                       (signed) G. Limberger

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                                   Berlin W8, Behrenstr. 39a
                                               Phone. 165861
                                              6 January 1938

Main Office for the Organizations of National Economy of the

                              Prime Minister General Goering
                                           Secretary General
                                         Arr. January 6 1938

Chief: W. Keppler
To: Minister President General Goering
                             Berlin W 8 Leipziger Strasse 3,

Most honorable General!

Councillor of State Dr. Seyss-Inquart has sent a courier to
me with the report that his negotiations with the Federal
Chancellor Dr. Schuschnigg have run aground, so that he
feels compelled to return the mandate entrusted to him. Dr.
Seyss-Inquart desires to have a discussion with me regarding
this, before he acts accordingly.

May I ask your advice, whether at this moment such a step
entailing automatically, also, the resignation of the
Federal Minister Glaise von Horstenau--appears indicated or
whether I should put forth efforts to postpone such an

Furthermore, I have information to the effect that
Landesleiter Captain Leopold deposed Dr. Jury, his deputy,
while the latter was here in Germany.

Captain Leopold is attempting again and again to make his
own policy which is in opposition to the wishes of the
decisive authorities in the Reich, and continuously
obstructs the pending negotiations carried on by Dr. Seyss-
Inquart, Dr. Jury, and the consultants for national-
political affairs (volkspolitischen Referenten).

I take the liberty to pass on to you a copy of a directive
of military nature which incidentally came into my hands. It
discloses further measures concerning the German border.

May I once more ask you, honorable General, for an audience
in order to discuss my further activity in the field of
economic politics.

                                                Heil Hitler!

                                      Your sincerely devoted
                                         [signed]    Keppler