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Translation of document 3472-PS

                                   Berlin W 8 Behrenstr. 39a
                                           Telephone: 165861
                                             9 February 1938
                                  [Pencil note]: Transmitted
                                 to Mr. Keppler on 11 Feb 38
                                          by Miss Cest   (?)
                                   [initial]    G. 11 Feb 38

Central Office,
for the Organizations of National Economy
of the NSDAP
Chief: W. Keppler
To the Prime Minister, General Fieldmarshall Goering

Dear Generalfieldmarshall!

Yesterday information reached me to the effect that
Landesleiter Leopold also on his part has started
negotiations with
Chancellor [Bundeskanzler] Schuschnigg. Thereupon I have
asked the Foreign Office to investigate the truth of this
information and, in case it was true, to take care that such
negotiations not be held because they would merely disturb
the proceeding of the other negotiations.

Just now I get word from the Foreign Office that they
received a report from the embassy in Vienna confirming the
facts. I therefore would like to know whether it would not
be more appropriate to forbid Landesleiter Leopold and the
other members of the country’s leadership [Landesleitung] to
negotiate with Chancellor [Bundeskanzler] Schuschnigg as
well as with any Austrian government authorities as to the
execution of the pact of 11 July 1936 if it is not done
after contacting and in agreement with the authorities in
charge in the Reich.

Heil Hitler!

Sincerely yours (s) Wilh. Keppler

[Pencil note on margin]:
Agreed. Minister Hess or Mr. Bormann call give this order
best! Keppler ought to ask therefor by telephone!