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Translation of document 3471-PS

Central Office for the Organizations of National Economy of
W.   Keppler in charge

                               Berlin Behrenstrasse 39 A W 8
                                           Fernruf: 16 58 61
                                            21 February 1938

General Bodenschatz
Berlin W 9, Leipziger Platz 11

My dear General,

Enclosed I send you the notification which I gave to you by
phone already concerning the activity for or of captain
Leopold in Austria.

I further take the liberty to enclose also a copy of a
report which was sent to me from Austria concerning the
possible appointment of Major Klausner as Landseleiter.

                                                 Heil Hitler
                                            Very truly yours
                                          [signed]   Keppler

2 enclosures

                                            21 February 1938

Through information we received at this very moment by means
of a long distance call from a man who has the confidence of
Dr. Seyss-Inquart we learn that the following order was
given to the functionaries of the party in Austria during
Saturday or Sunday.

Leopold is supposed to have had a discussion of a few hours
with General Field Marshal Goering and has received consent
from him that he will return during the next few days to
Austria with new authority. Furthermore, he makes it known
that the attitude he took so far was considered correct and
that now the activity in his own lines is to be increased as
much as possible. Now Minister Dr. Seyss-Inquart is to be
attacked first; he is supposed to be overthrown in the first
place in order to get a man as his successor who is an
absolutely reliable instrument in the hand of Leopold.

Furthermore an article appeared in the “Reichspost” that Dr.
Tavs does not even think of leaving Austria and that an
order of that kind would mean an intrusion into the
conditions of Austria proper.


                                    Berlin, 21 February 1938

The Reichsfuehrer SS
Chief of the Sicherheitshauptamtes
III 224/1 AZ. 1261/38
SS-Gruppenfuehrer Wilh. Keppler
Berlin W 8, Behrenstr. 39 A

Re: Appointment of the former Gauleiter Major Klausner as

Subject: Long distance call of 20-2-1938

In the following you are notified again in writing about
information you received by phone on Febr. 2 1938:

By order of the Oberfuehrer K. the Gruppenfuehrer is to be
informed as follows for notification of the Fuehrer:

The chiefs of all branches including SA-Obergruppen Fuehrer
Lt. Lukesch — who is to be appointed — welcome the appointment
of the former Gauleiter Major Klausner as Landesleiter.

            The Chief of the Sicherheitshauptamts

by order
                              the Chief of the Abwehramtes
                                            signed:     Jost