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Partial translation of document 3467-PS

       1933 REICHSGESETZBLATT, PART 1 NO. 57, PAGE 311

Law on the Limitation of Travel to the Republic Austria, 29 May 1933.

The Reich Cabinet [Reichsregierung] has resolved
the following law, which is promulgated herewith:

                          Article 1

(1)  A levy of 1000.-Reichsmark will be charged for every
  journey which is undertaken by a subject of the Reich with
  residence or permanent abode within Germany.  The levy is to
  be paid before the start of the journey to the competent
  visa authorities, who will note the payment in the passport.
  The levy will go to the Reich treasury.

(2)  The regulations of Section 1.  Do not apply to the
  small border traffic [kleine Grenzverkehr].

                          Article 2

A subject of the Reich, who crosses form the Reich
territory into the territory of the Republic
Austria directly or indirectly contrary to this
law to the executory regulations to be published
for it, will be punished with a monetary fine, not
below 5,000 Reichsmark, or with imprisonment.

                          Article 3

The Reich Minister for the Interior will issue the
regulations necessary for the execution of this
law; he can permit exceptions for the regulations
of Article 1, Section 1.

                          Article 4

The law comes into force on 1 June 1933.

Berlin, 29 May 1933.

                              The Reich Chancellor
                                      ADOLF HITLER
               The Reich Minister for the Interior