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Partial translation of document 3465-PS

         FRANK DIARY, 1940, Volume II, Pages 510-511

I am extremely glad, Mr. Reichcommissar and
Reichsminister, to assure you in this hour of your
departure that the months of our collaboration
with you belong to the most precious memories of
my life, and that your work in the
Generalgovernment will be remembered forever in
the building of the rising world government of the
German nation.  But, without that, your name, Mr.
Reichsminister, is shinning like a light through
the history of the Third Reichs since you are the
creator of the National-Socialist Austria, and the
thought to have you here with us sounded all
the time like a beautiful symphony since we have
to see just in you the representative of the
Ostmarkic German National.  My Party friend, Seyss-
Inquart, without doubt you have to accomplish in
your new great tasks a lot of duties in a broad
frame.  We know that you will do honor to the call
of the Fuehrer through your personal efforts just
as you did in the building up of your life.  But
we have a special right to you.  We built up
during the most difficult times of the fight of
the Third Reich a beautiful friendly comradeship
and successful collaboration.  In the construction
of the Generalgovernment your name will forever
take a place of honor as an originator of this
organization and this State system.  I express our
thanks, Mr. Reichsminister, for your collaboration
and for your creative energy in the name of all
officers, employees, and laborers of all SS
organizations and the whole police force of the
Generalgovernment, and in the name of the District
Chiefs, the Gau and city leaders, in the name of
all otherwise on the order of the Reichs and the
Fuehrer her active persons * * *  During the hard
times the common work united us here in the East.
But it is, at the same time, the beginning point
for a gigantic power the development of the German
Reich.  Its perfection will show the development
of the greatest energy unit which there ever was
in the history of the world.  In this work you
were placed by the Fuehrer very effectively in the
most important position.  Therefore, Party friend,
Seyss-Inquart, your name will already today be
immortal ..  To prove my friendship I would like
to give you, as my old friend and comrade, an old
Germanic piece of ornament made form Polish soil.

Reichsminister Seyss-Inquart answered in the
following words:  *** that I felt myself called to
a task which had to be fulfilled in the East.  You
will understand if I say that, since my early
youth, I was a part of the fight for the German
Nation.  Then came the transit time of the Higher
Administration and Administration.  I know that at
that time somebody expressed the opinion it was
impossible to place a Reichsminister under another
office.  When I heard this ridiculous rumor, I
immediately told Party friend Hess, the
representative of the Fuehrer, that I would of
course go any place as a National-Socialist.
Furthermore, it would be a satisfaction for myself
if I could do that under Dr. Frank.  A special
memory connects Dr. Frank with us people from the
Ostmark.  It was at the time when the Dollfuss
Regime started the fight against us.  At that time
Dr. Frank came to Vienna and in Austria his
arrival was not expressly desired.  For me it was
at that time a special pleasure to welcome
Dr. Frank in the name of the Styrian Home Guard
[Steirischen Heimatschutzes].  I think this was
the last great demonstration.  All the time after
that we lived in the memory of this demonstration.
For the whole period of our fight Dr. Frank was
for us the conception of the National Socialistic
will for leadership.  Later, when the Anschluss
came, Dr. Frank came to us as Reichsrechtsfuehrer
and I was then happy that I was able to fulfill
some tasks as a tool of the Fuehrer.  I remember
there a beautiful demonstration in Vienna.  * * *
At the time I was able to be here as
representative of the Generalgovernment was one of
great significance.  I learned here a lot, many
things which I did not understand before at all
and mainly on account of the initiative and firm
leadership as I saw them in my friend Dr. Frank.
I always recognized this fact in the instinctive
activities of the National-Socialist..I will go
now to the West I am inclined with my whole
attitude to the East.  In the East we have a
National-Socialist mission; over there in the West
we have a function; that may be the difference.  *
*  *  In the Third Reich I never found a better
comradeship than with you.  * * *  I am glad that
I have today still the opportunity on the occasion
of your 40th birthday to tell you how close I felt
with you * * *  and you will always have me as
your dearest friend.