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Partial translation of document 3464-PS

      [Organisationsbuch der NSDAP], the Party Manual,
                          1936 and
       1937 editions, edited by the Reich Organization
                        Leader of the
      NSDAP, published by the Central Publishing House
                           of the
           NSDAP, Franz Eher Successor, Page 262.

National Socialist Students League [NSD-Studentenbund]

The National Socialist German Students League is
an organization of the NSDAP. It was established
in 1926 by order of the Fuehrer.

The NSDStB [National Socialist German Students
League] is the battle troop [Kampftrupp] of the
National Socialist movement in the colleges and
technical schools. The NSDStB replaces the
outmoded forms of the former student education and
of the former student community life
[Gemeinschaftslebens] by educating students to
become National Socialists who are closely tied to
the people.

There has been conferred upon the National
Socialist Students League by Party and State the
high task of educating, ideologically and
politically, all German students at universities
and technical schools. From the entire group,
those capable of and prepared for use will be
accepted first as candidates, and after one or two
terms of probation, as full members of the
National Socialist Students League.