The Holocaust Historiography Project

Partial translation of document 3460-PS

       [Reden und Aufsaetze] by E. Gritzbach, Munich,
                        Pages 348-349

I must address myself with a serious word to the city of
Vienna. The city of Vienna can no longer rightfully be
called a German city. So many Jews live in this city. Where
there are 300,000 Jews, you cannot speak of a German city.

Vienna must once more become a German city, because it must
perform important tasks for Germany in Germany’s Ostmark.
These tasks lie in the sphere of culture as well as in the
sphere of economics. In neither of them can we, in the long
run, put up with the Jew.

This, however, should not only be attempted by inappropriate
interference and stupid measures but must be done
systematically and carefully. As Delegate for the Four-Year
Plan I commission the Reichsstatthalter in Austria jointly
with the Plenipotentiary of the Reich, to consider and take
any steps, necessary for the redirection of Jewish commerce,
i.e., for the Aryanization of business and economic life,
and to execute this process in accordance with our laws,
legally but inexorably.