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Partial translation of document 3459-PS

       CONGRESS OF GERMAN LAW, 1939 [Tag Des Deutschen
      Rechts, 1939] issued by National Socialistic Law
              League, [Nationalsozialistischer
                Rechtswahrerbund], Publisher:
          German Legal Publishing House, Page 489.

      Meeting of the Reich Group of Young Law Guardians
                [Rechtswahrer] on 19 May 1939

The Reich Group Administrator
[Reichsgruppenwalter] of Young Law Guardians,
Heinz Billig, at the beginning of his speech on
the legal profession and its successors
[Nachwuchs], made the demand that from the present
Young Law Guardians made the demand that from the
present Young Law Guardians the type of German law
guardian should be formed.  While the governmental
educational organs in the first instance take care
of purely technical education, it remains the task
of the party and its organizations to exercise
influence on the ideological conception of the
Young Law Guardians..A fine success was also noted
in the collaboration of the Reich group with the
Reich professional jurisprudence group
[Reichfacgruppe Rechtswissenschaft] of the Reich
Students Leadership [Reichstudentenfuehrung] and
with the racial-political [Rassenpolitischen]
office of the NSDAP.  Referring to the legal
schooling within the Hitler Youth [Hitler Jugend],
the speaker emphasized that the ignorance of the
simplest legal principles and its  results in wide
circles of the nation could be fought best within
the Hitler Youth.  Therefore the legal education
of the Hitler Youth is supported on the broadest
scale.  At the close of his address the speaker
turned to problems of the establishment of the
National Socialist education of the Young Law

The second speech of the meeting was given by the
head of the social office of the Reich Youth
Leadership [Sozialamt der Reichsjugendfuehrung]
Obergebietsfuehrer Axmann.  “Reich Minister Dr.
Frank", said Obergebietsfuehrer Axmann, “has
created the Youth Legal Committee
[Jugendrechtsausschuss] for the new establishment
of Youth Law and has appointed me, as the head of
the Social Office of the Reich Youth Leadership,
chairman.  Through this personal union the
efficient collaboration
of the Academy for German Law [Akademie fuer
Deutsches Recht] and the Hitler youth is
guaranteed in the best manner.”  Besides the Youth
Labor Law the problems for the renewal of the
Youth Criminal Law now have been taken in hand.
As another field of work, the Obergebietsfuehrer
mentioned legal guardianship, the task of which
was the guarding of legal matters of the Hitler
Youth as well as giving aid to its members in all
legal matters.  The third big field of legal work
for the Hitler Youth should  be legal schooling,
where already efficient work could be done.