The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3448-PS

RK 22393 B 30 Oct. 38

           Vienna 1, Ballhausplatz 2, 23 Oct. 1938
                               Telephone U 24-5-20
                               [Various notations]

Der Reichsstatthalter
File Reference Z1.43-763-Prot.1/38

My dear Reich Minister:

May I recall to you myself and the law concerning
confiscation of property of enemies of the State? The
administration of this sphere is in some disorder and I do
not wish to create order with insufficient means since that
is useless.

I believe that this law is almost completed and ready for
the signature of the Fuehrer, and I hope that you, dear
Reich Minister, will have occasion to obtain the signature

With best regards I remain,

                                                Heil Hitler!

                                           Yours faithfully,
                                    (signed)   SEYSS-INQUART

To: Reich Minister and Chief of the Reich Chancellery, Dr.

Berlin W 8, Wilhelmstrasse 78.