The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3446-PS

RK 19694 B

Berlin 13 October 1938.

1.   Note:

The Reich Fuehrer SS and Chief of the German
submits with letter of 10 August 1938, received
here 26 September 1938, 7 inventories concerning
property and objects of art confiscated and
sequestered respectively in Austria, also 10
albums of photographs and the catalogue are
available in the office, the inventories and the
certificate are attached.

Of special importance is the general inventory
named under 6 of the letter.  This inventory lists
a total of 162 cases of confiscation.  For 49 of
them the value is not listed.  For the remaining
113 a value amounting to 93.366.358.24 marks is
named.  Among them are the following properties
with a value of 500.000.00 marks and more:

1.   Palace including grounds and forest of
     the Jew Rudolf Gutmann.

2.   7 estates of the family property of the
     House Habsburg and Lothringen as
     well as 4 villas and 1 palace of Otto V.

3.   Property value of the National Front
     [Vaterlaendische Front] and its sub-
     ordinate formations.

4.   Cash and valuables confiscated by the
     State Police Main Office in Vienna.

5.   Wholesale business of the firm Wm.
     Abeles & Co. (non-Aryan).

6.   Hotel “Metropole".

7.   Chemical factory of the Jew Dr. Ignatz

8.   Knitting and wool factory of the Jew

9.   Sanitorium Edlach (former proprietors
     Louis and Marietta Rosen).

10.  Leather factory and villa, ect. of Jew
     Fritz Spiegler.

11.  Schwadorf cotton spinning works of
     the Jew Dr. Pollak.

12.  1.700 automobiles.

13.  2 hotels, ect. of Jew Stiassmy.

14.  Palace Leopoldskron (former proprietor
     Max Reinhardt).

15.  Cash confiscated by the State Police
     Office Eisenstadt.

16.  140 drilling wells, Joch German Pe-
     troleum Co., ect. of Jew Poeller.

17.  55 mountain lodges of “Bergfreunde”
     formerly “Naturfreunde".

18. Villa of Jew Reitlinger.


There are to be noted furthermore:

1. Cash and valuables of Alwine Dollfuss,
   valued at

2. Villa of the former Austrian Minister

3. Villa ect. of the former Minister
   Finance, Dr. Drexler.
   Value Unknown

The art objects sequestered in Vienna are included
in the inventory described as Vienna album.  Most
of them are part of the Rothschild property that
is the numbers 1 to 56, 58 to 60, 62 to 69, 79,
112, 113, 119, 123 to 130, 132 to 137, and to 149,
while the others are the property of:

Viktor V. Ephrussi, No. 57, 71, 81-87, 116-118 and 120-122
Schneker, No. 61, 74, 75, 80, 108 and 138
Schweiger No. 70 and 109-111
Pollak, No. 72, 106, 107 and 131
Thorsch, No. 73, 89-97 and 114
Spiegler, No. 77, 78, 99-102, 104 and 105
Fuerst, No. 150-161

The art objects sequestered from Max Reinhardt,
Palace Leopoldskron near Salzburg.  Dr. Herz in
Villa Herz near St. Gilgen, Moritz Bonn in Villa
Bonn in Parsch near Salzburg and Dr. Hess in Bad
Gastein are listed in special inventories.

According to the titles of the inventory the art
objects are only sequestered and secured.

Confiscation has been made in favor of various
offices:  Austria, Reich Fuehrer SS, NSDAP, Armed
Forces, Lebensborn and others.

In my opinion a decision of the Fuehrer concerning
the confiscated property pre-supposes intensive
preliminary work.  An office will have to be given
the task to make proposal for use.  In that
respect, 2 questions will need clarification :

a. As a rule, should those offices in whose favor
   confiscation has been made retain the property assigned to

b. Should all works of art which are only “sequestered” so
   far be confiscated?

Both questions are connected with the intended
regulation of confiscation of property of enemies
of the people and state in Austria.

2. Submitted to Reich Minister.  I may refer to the note
   to Rk 20323, submitted simultaneously, (draft of a decree
   concerning the confiscation of property of enemies of the
   people and the state in Austria).

                              [Initials illegible]