The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3443-PS

            SUPPLEMENT NUMBER 5, 12 DECEMBER 1945

        The Activities of the Defendant Wilhelm Frick

Wilhelm Frick, former Reichminister of the
Interior, became in August 1943 so-called
Reichsprotector in Bohemia and Moravia.
Simultaneously with this appointment, Hitler also
reorganized the position, duties and rights of the
Reichsprotector.  By virtue of this reorganization
the Reichsprotector became in future the
representative of Hitler in his character as Chief
of the Reich.  It was his duty to confirm the
members of the so-called Protectorate Government,
to nominate and dismiss German officials in the
Protectorate and decide on their superannuation;
his competence extended further to amnesty and

From the point of view of Czecho-Slovakia, Wilhelm
Frick has also been guilty in his character as
Minister of the Interior.  Frick was already
Minister of the Interior in January 1933.

Already the Decree of Hitler of 1.10.1939 (RGBl,
I, page 1331) regarding the administration of the
Sudeten-German territory bears inter alia Frick's
signature.  By the occupation of the frontier
territory, the integrity of the Czecho-Slovak
Republic was illegally violated.  Paragraph 81 et
seq. Of the Treaty  of Versailles, and the
Arbitration Agreement between the Czecho-Slovak
Republic and Germany of 16.10.1925 (Locarno Pact),
which decided that all disputes between the Czecho-
Slovak Republic and Germany, of whatever kind,
must be brought before the Permanent International
Tribunal, were thereby violated.  Hitler’s Decree,
above cited, regarding the administration of the
Sudeten-German territory, stipulated that Frick
himself, as Minister of the Interior, should be
the main authority for the transfer of the Sudeten-
German territory.

Hitler’s Decree of 16.3.1939 (VBlProt. Page 7)
regarding the establishment of the so-called
Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia bears
Frick’s signature.  This Decree of
Hitler not only violates at the same time the
Treaty for Versailles and the bilateral Locarno
Pact, but also the agreement of the four Great
Powers, enforced by Hitler himself, regarding the
cession of the frontier territory, of 29 and 30,
September, 1938 (Munich Agreement).

Of the more important authoritative decision for
which Frick is responsible, we cite particularly
his Decree of 5.12.1941 (VBl-Prot 1942, page 16
RGBl. I, Page 750) regarding the introduction of
certificates, so-called identity cards, in the
territory of the so-called Protectorate of Bohemia
and Moravia, in the so-called Sudeten territory
and in the Eastern territories.  It is true that
at first sight it might give the impression of
being a simple regulation, however, had a much
more profound basis and background.  The object of
this evidence was-in so far as it concerned the
Bohemian countries-the germanising and expulsion
of the majority of the Czech population (approx.
60%) from Bohemia and Moravia.

Another authoritative decision which may be
charged to Frick’s account is his Order of
10.7.1942 (RGBl, I, page 466) regarding the
introduction of the legal regulations for the
Technical Emergency Service in the Protectorate.
By the realization of this measure Frick
contributed in a great degree to the increase of
Germany’s war potential and thereby to the
prolongation of the war.  Frick was also one of
the signatories of the Order of 7.6.1939 (RGBl. I,
Page 1039) regarding the right of publication of
legal regulations in the Protectorate.

To the sphere of Frick’s Ministry of the Interior
belong also the Concentration Camps established in
the Reich, in which also Czech nationals were
confined.  The blame for the administration of
these camps therefore also devolves on Frick.

                        Prague, 12th December 1945

                       Nurnberg, December 15, 1945

Supplement Nr. 5 to the Official Czechoslovak
Report called “German Crimes Against Czechoslovakia”

Presented by order of the Czechoslovak Government
by Colonel Dr. B. Ecer, Plenipotentiary Minister,
Czechoslovak Representative to the Commission of
the United Nations for the Investigation of War
Crimes in London, at present Chairman of the
Czechoslovak Delegation to the Nurnberg

By order of my Government I submit Supplement Nr.
5 of the Czechoslovak Report in Accordance with
Art. 21 of the Charter containing an official
memorandum on the activities of the defendant
Wilhelm Frick.

                           For Colonel Dr. B. Ecer
                             Capt. Dr. A. Hochwald