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Translation of document 3434-PS

           1935 REICHSGESETBLATT, PART I, PAGE 774

       Law concerning procedure for decision in legal
                       affairs of the
              Protestant Church of 36 June 1935

The Reich Cabinet has resolved upon the following
law which is hereby published:

                           Para. 1

Should the decision in a civil lawsuit depend upon
whether measures taken in the Protestant State
Church or in the German Protestant Church since 1
May 1933 are valid, and should the validity be
doubted by a person involved in the case or by the
court rendering the decision, then it must defer
the case until a resolution  has been made by the
"Office for Decisions in legal matters of the
Protestant Church” (Paragraphs 2,3).  This is set
up in the Reich Ministry of the Interior.

                           Para. 2

(1)  The Office for Decisions decided whether measures
  specified in Para. 1 are valid or not.

(2)  The decision of the Office for Decisions is finals and
  universally binding.  It is to be published in the official
  gazette of the Reich.

                           Para. 3

The Office for Decisions may leave the decision up
to the court.

                           Para. 4

The Reich Minister of the Interior publishes the
legal and administrative measures necessary for
the execution and supplementing of this law.

                           Para. 5

This law takes effect on 1 July 1935.  The Reich
Minister of the Interior decided the time of its
Berlin, 25 June, 1935.

                  The Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor
                                      Adolf Hitler

                The Reich Minister of the Interior