The Holocaust Historiography Project

Partial translation of document 3430-PS

                 FOUR YEARS IN HOLLAND, 1944
              [Vier Jahre in den Niederlanden]
                Reichminister Seyss-Inquart.

[Page 10]

We neither will oppress this land and its people
imperialistically nor will we impose on them our political
convictions. We will bring this about in no other way--only
through our deportment and our example.


[Page 144]

Several times it has been held against me that I have let
National Socialism come to the fore in all phases in public
life. As far as I am concerned that is no reproach. It is a
historical mission which I have to fulfill  here.


[Page 124]

I will give my instructions. They must be executed by all.
In the present situation a refusal to execute could be
regarded only as sabotage. It is also clear, now more than
ever,  that every resistance which is directed against this
fight for existence must be suppressed. Some time ago the
representatives of the churches had written to the Wehrmacht
commander and to me and they presented their conception
against the executions of death sentences which the
Wehrmacht commander announced in the meantime. To this I can
only say the following: The moment in which our men, father
and sons with iron determination look towards their fate in
the east and unflinchingly and steadfastly perform their
highest pledge, it is unbearable to tolerate conspiracies
whose goal is to weaken the rear of this eastern front.
Whoever dares this must be annihilated. We must be severe
and become even more severe against our opponents, this is
the command of a relentless sequence of events and for us
perhaps humanly hard, but our holy duty. We remain human
we do not torture our opponents, we remain by annihilating


[Page 167]

I have given orders to suppress all appearances with a
severeness corresponding to the brutality of the crime. If
in connection with these measures Dutch citizens are
affected and have to undergo difficulties and limitations of
special nature, then they have to seek the cause therefore
solely in these eruptions of the anarchistic mental attitude
of a few culprits and the just-as-criminal-tolerance or
apathy within their own circles.


The Jews are the enemy of national socialism and the
national socialistic Reich. From the moment of their
emancipation, their methods were directed to the
annihilation of the common and moral worth of the German
people and to replace national and responsible ideology with
international Nihilism. The fatal meaning of Judaism became
completely clear to the German people during the years of
the world war. It was really they, who stuck the knife in
the back of the German army which broke the resistance of
the Germans, and in the year 1918, it was they who wanted to
dissolve and decompose all national tradition and also moral
and religious beliefs of the German people. The Jews for us
are not Dutchmen. They are those enemies, with whom we can
neither come to an armistice nor to peace. This applies
here, if you wish, for the duration of the occupation. Do
not expect an order from me which stipulates this, except
regulations concerning. police matters. We will beat the
Jews wherever we meet them and those who join them must bear
the consequences. The Fuehrer declared that the Jews have
played their final act in Europe, and therefore they played
their final act.