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Partial translation of document 3429-PS

                      THE SS CALLS YOU
             [Dich Ruft die SS] Pages 4-5, 18-19
                        German Youth!

With this pamphlet the SS turns to you, our young comrades
of the Front of tomorrow. You should be made even more
familiar than before with the spirit that animates the
Waffen SS, with the leadership, organization, equipment, and
arms of these troops who are so especially close to the
Fuehrer and who have taken such a proud part in the German
victories in the West and East, in the North and South.

You know it is the duty of every German to be and prove
himself to be a soldier. Those young Germans, however, who
stand out in character and mien, desire to be more than
soldiers! They will not want to wait until they are drafted,
they will want to fight as volunteers.

The special missions of the SS require that unchangeable
laws of selection be applied and thus gain the most valuable
forces for the SS. The young German shall undergo the
qualifying examination in confidence, to determine whether
he is fit for the SS and physically qualified for the Waffen
SS. In case of rejection, there still remain many
possibilities to make oneself useful to the nation in the
most worthy manner.

It is often said that the men of the Waffen SS are great
"daredevils".  That is true, but never to the extent that
the Waffen SS would be committed without preparatory
planning and considered leadership. The leaders of the
Waffen SS are throughout, in a hundred ways, proven,
experienced, schooled men. The losses of the Waffen SS
indicate the difficulties of its mission, but in percentage
are neither higher nor lower than those of the other
branches of the army.

If you answer the call of the Waffen SS and volunteer to
join the ranks of the great Front of SS Divisions, you will
belong to a corps which has from the very beginning been
directed toward outstanding achievements, and, because of
this fact, has developed an especially deep feeling of
comradeship. You will be bearing arms with a corps that
embraces the most valuable elements of the young German
generation.  Over and above that you will be especially
bound to the National Socialist ideology. Your comrades come
from all districts of Germany and from the racially German
regions. In its ideological expansion, the Waffen SS also
includes volunteers from the Germanic lands. This community-
in-arms with SS comrades from Norway, Denmark, Holland, and
Flanders, and the volunteers from Finland is a significant
contribution to the realization of the new, destined
community of Europe into whose spearhead, standard-bearer,
and elite troop the SS has made itself.

The youth of the National Socialist Reich knows that he must
himself initiate proceedings in order to be able to complete
his military service in the Waffen SS. That so many young
Germans have volunteered for the Waffen SS is a living
testimonial to the confidence of today’s young generation in
the Waffen SS, its spirit, and, above all, its leadership.
It is also, however, a proud demonstration of the
ideologically sure attitude of this German youth that it has
understood the import of the SS struggle and knows exactly
why the Waffen SS is a community under special oath to the
Fuehrer. So will be emblazoned on your belt-buckle, too, the
motto that the Fuehrer himself on the 1st of April 1931
granted to his SS — “Loyalty is my Honor.”

                   The Oath of the SS Man:

I swear to you, Adolf Hitler, as Fuehrer and Reichs
Chancellor, loyalty and bravery. I vow to you, and to those
you have named to command me, obedience unto death, so help
me God.

The SS man is not only a soldier, he is the exemplary bearer
of the idea of Adolf Hitler. He is characterized by
experience in war, hardness, pride in the share of many
victories, the consciousness of hardships and dangers
endured, as well as the great legacy that the National
Socialist idea has imposed upon him, since he has been
fighting in the ranks of the SS.