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Partial translation of document 3427-PS

                      THE GERMAN POLICE
          [Die Deutsche Polizei], 15 February 1943.

SS-Gruppenfuehrer Kaltenbrunner appointed Chief of
the Security Police and of the SD.

Berlin, 30 January 1943

Upon suggestion of the Reichsfuehrer SS and Chief
of German Police, the Fuehrer has appointed SS-
Gruppenfuehrer and Major General of Police Dr.
Ernst Kaltenbrunner as Chief of the Security
Police and of the SD as successor of SS-
Obergruppenfuehrer and Lieutenant General of
Police Reinhard Heydrich, who passed away 4 June

SS-Gruppenfuehrer Dr. Ernst Kaltenbrunner was up
to the present active as Fuehrer of the SS-
Oberabschnitt Donau (SS Region Danube) and as
Superior SS and Police Fuehrer with the Reich
Governors [Reichsstatthalter] in Vienna, Lower
Danube and Upper Danube.