The Holocaust Historiography Project

Copy of document 3423-PS

               APO 403, c/o PM, NEW YORK, N.Y.

Section of Pathology
25 May 1945

SUBJECT:  Identification of Tattooed Skin Hides



1.   There were submitted to this laboratory section for
  examination three tanned pieces of skin by Lt. Col. Givin
  from Buchenwald Camp with office record designation of Case
  81 T.J.A.

2.   The description follows:

GROSS:  Specimen consists of three pieces of skin
labeled A.B.C.

PIECE A:  Measures 13×13cm., is transparent and
shows a woman’s head in the center and a sailor
with an anchor near the margin.

PIECE B:  Measures 14×13cm., is transparent and is
a tattoo of several anchors resting on an
indefinite black mass.  To the right of this mass
is a man’s head.

PIECE C:  Is truncated, measures 44cm. At the
base.  The upper portion is 30 cm. Long and the
sides measure 46 cm.  The skin is transparent and
shows two nipples in the upper area.  These are 16
cm. Apart.  From the nipple level to the umbilicus
is 23 cm. A large bird, with a wingspread
measuring 28 cm., is present in the center of the
skin, upper part.  A black dragon, with fire
coming from the mouth, measures 28 cm. in length
and is present in the center of the skin.  To the
left of the dragon is a man in a coat of mail,
with a sword being apparently stuck in the dragon.
Man is approximately 22 cm. in length.

MICROSCOPIC:  The tissue consists of bundles of
collagen showing occasional epithelial and sweat
gland remnants.  Granular black pigment granules
are seen between some of the bundles.

3.   Based on the findings in paragraph 2, all three
  specimens are tattooed human skin.

For the Commanding Officer,

                            [signed]  REUBEN CARES
                                       Ruben Cares
                    Major M.C., Chief of pathology