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Translation of document 3104-PS

        VOELKISCHER BEOBACHTER,  May 24, 1934, Page 2

      National Socialism and German Nationalism Abroad


It takes hold of our fellow Germans and strengthens them in
holding fast to the German nature and customs.

It spreads out beyond the borders of the state and even
beyond the space occupied by the German people; it has
already taken hold of parts of foreign nations. Racially
conscious communities on the earth which are proud of their
type are the best guarantee of respect among the nations for
each other’s rights. National Socialism Renovates the
World’s Thought on the Subject of State and Nation, and thus
will bring to our fellow Germans, too, in their difficult
struggle, not only alleviation, but Salvation.

The place for the practical application of this principle is
the Foreign Organization of the NSDAP which is directly
subordinate to the deputy of the Fuehrer, Reichminister
Rudolph Hess. During a visit to the individual sections of
the Organization office at Harvestehuderweg 22, its leader,
Gauleiter Ernst Wilhelm Bohle, gave us, together with his
individual co-workers, a survey of the duties and structure
of the Foreign Organization, which has been working so hard
in recent weeks and months that the echo of this persistent
and conscientious work could even be clearly heard in
Hamburg. The work of the Foreign Organization is literally
extended over the entire earth, and the following slogan
could with full justice be displayed in its work rooms on
the Harvestehuder Weg in Hamburg: “My field is the world.”

The Foreign Organization, under the leadership of Gauleiter
E. W. Bohle, who is aided by a large staff of expert and
qualified co-workers, today includes Over 350 National
Groups and Bases of the NSDAP in All Parts of the World and
in addition to this takes care of a large number of
individual Party Comrades in the most varied places.  The
establishment abroad of local groups of
a Reich German political party was doubtless something new.
It was possible to achieve such a beginning because of the
fact that since its beginning, this political party has had
nothing in common with the usual concept of a party, but was
rather a movement in the best sense of the world. In this
connection it is worth noting that National Socialism began
to establish its Foreign Organization almost two years
before the seizure of power in the home-land, while Fascism
did not set up its corresponding organization abroad until
several years after the march on Rome Just as today the
fascio all'estero signifies the strongest asset of the
Fascist state in its foreign work, the Foreign Organization
of the NSDAP will have to pass through a corresponding
further development, in order to transmit to all foreign
countries the nature and goal of the National Socialist

Objection is frequently made that for decades there have
existed in foreign countries German organizations of the
most varied types, which make the presence of local groups
of the National Socialist movement superfluous. This can
best be refuted by the experiences which Germandom abroad
had had so far since the National Socialist revolution.
Without in the least wishing to detract from the value of
many valuable organizations of Germans abroad, it must be
unequivocally stated that these groups were not in a
position to carry on successfully the struggle for the
reputation of the present Germany just because of the fact
that they lacked an emotional understanding of the Third
Reich, just as they lacked a knowledge of the principles on
which our present state is built.

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