The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3398-PS

                          Vienna, 4 November, 1939

                       REICH FUEHRER!

A short time ago I asked you to bring about a
settlement in the matter Buerkel. A new occurrence
confirms me in my attitude and I therefore repeat
my request.

When I was in Lodz, I was informed that a telegram
from a secretary of Buerkel, named Trum, had
arrived in Krakau in which I was requested to
contact the Gauleiter instead of the Mayor of the
city of Vienna in the future. The content of the
telegram was completely unclear to me and I had
Dr. Langoth of my staff ask Trum.  Trum informed
Langoth that Gauleiter Buerkel had intended to
deport Viennese Jews to Poland, but that I had
prevented this. Gauleiter Buerkel had added the
remark that I (Seyss-Inquart) should not confuse
personal and official matters.

I must protest most strongly against this
supposition and therefore feel forced to demand
the clearing up of the matter Buerkel, because I
do not doubt but that he (Buerkel) will make
similar remarks to other persons in order to
create, in the way which I now know to be
characteristic of him. the proper atmosphere.

To the subject itself I add that an expert
[Referent] in Krakau informed me of the intention
of deporting Jews from the Protectorate as well as
from Vienna to Poland. Thereupon I gave
instructions that such actions could be carried
out only in agreement with the SD and through the
SD, and that I could not permit wild actions.

I have also given such instructions to the
Streckenbach’s in deputy in Krakau or already to

I repeat my initial request and remain with a
                                      Heil Hitler!
                              Your always obedient
                        (signed) Dr. SEYSS-INQUART

To the Reich Fuehrer SS and Chief of the German
Berlin SW 11, Prinz-Albert-Strasse Nr. 9.