The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3397-PS

                           Berlin, 8 January, 1938

To State Councillor Dr. Seyss-Inquart
Vienna, Hof 5.
Through the Foreign Office

Very esteemed State Councillor.

Today I had a visit from Mr. Pl., who gave us a
report of the state of affairs and informed us,
that you are seriously considering the question of
whether or not you are forced, to hand back the
mandate entrusted to you.

I informed General [Generaloberst] Goering of the
situation in writing, and G. has just had me
informed, that I should try my utmost to prevent
you or any one else from taking this step. This is
also in the same vein as G.’s conversation with
Dr. J. before Christmas at any rate. G. requests
you to undertake nothing of this nature under any
circumstances before he himself has the
opportunity of speaking with you once more.

I can also inform you, that G. is furthermore
making an effort to speak to Ll., in order that
certain improper conditions be eliminated by him.

I am very sorry, that the situation has become so
acute and I myself have the feeling, that the
above-mentioned request is somewhat awkward for
you at the present. However, I must tell You
openly, that I really didn’t expect any other
attitude from G.

                             With the best wishes,
                                  very truly yours
                                    (sig.) KEPPLER