The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3396-PS

           [Letter from Seyss-Inquart to Dr. Jury]
                      Vienna, on the 11th November

Dr. S/K
Dear Doctor!

Conversations carried on with Mr. Keppler today in
complete quiet, were also extremely revealing.
However, I don’t believe that the matters have as
yet been so fully investigated, as it seems to be
the case on the National side and in the Reich;
still I believe, that the future development, as
long as unusual circumstances do not enter, are
already beginning to become apparent. I should be
pleasantly surprised, if initial solution were to
take place here in the course of this year; I
personally believe, that there will be no visible
results until early next year. In the meantime, I
have received an authentic report from Linz, that
the well-known article in the “Tagespost” is not
an official article
[Pflichtartikel] of the V.E. Please control your
informants, whose reports are undoubtedly
incorrect I hope not incorrect to the extent of
being prejudiced. The article is in a class of its
own. I believe also, that this information is not
entirely correct and I continue to be of this

I request you now in regard to the question of the
"Volksbund” also to speak on the basis of the
statements submitted to you, to the persons in
authority, since this matter is in a certain sense
urgent. At the beginning of next week anyhow we
must see a result.

With the best wishes, I remain
                                       Yours truly

Dr. Hugo Jury
St. Poelten, Wienerstrasse