The Holocaust Historiography Project

Translation of document 3391-PS

            [Letter from Seyss-Inquart to Hitler]
                        Vienna, 30 September, 1938

My Fuehrer

We all are inspired by your solution of the
Sudeten Germans question.  A year ago, even a few
weeks ago, I thought it was impossible that this
question could be solved except by using full
military force.  Not until the last weeks did the
directions of your leadership, which for the
others is so inexorable and inevitable become
apparent.  I don’t believe that one sane German
exists today who does not consider himself more
than fortunate if he can help you, my Fuehrer, to
finish the job, even though his share in the work,
objectively viewed, be very small.  We from the
Ostmark can hardly contain ourselves because of
our twofold happiness and our pride.

The solution of this question and above all the
nature of this solution could have been the
strongest endurance test and could have made room
for further planned action in the direction of the
East and the Southeast.  My Fuehrer, this letter
of mine has actually a different purpose, but
first of all I had to give my feelings free play.

I now believe, that after days of greatest strain
in time has come again for the consideration of
the more beautiful things in life and I beg you
now to bring about a decision in regard to the
question of the tapestries.  I am already annoyed
at the fact that men from foreign states were at
the Fuehrerbau ( Leader’s building), at a time
when the tapestries were not yet hanging on the

We have in Vienna approximately 700-900 first-
class tapestries which are for the most part in
depots.  We from the Ostmark will be happy and
proud, if you, my Fuehrer, make the selection on
the occasion of your next visit to Vienna, which I
hope will be soon.

I tried to select a few pieces and I have found
two sets.  I had pictures made of both.  One set
treats the history of Decius Mus.; the subject and
the size of the tapestries is marked on the back
of the pictures.  This set is blue-green in tone
and subdued in color.  It was manufactured
according to P. P. Rubens' designs, which can be
found even today in the Vienna depots.  These
tapestries were made in Bruessels in the 17th
century.  Cross lines can be seen in the pictures.
The tapestries were folded up in the
depots.  If they are put up, these cross lines
will disappear in a few days.  The set is composed
of 5 pictures and to complete it a sixth picture
is added, representing a scene from Emperor
Augustus' life, the fight of the Romans against
the Germans, in approximately the same style as
the Decius Mus. pieces.

The second set shows pictures of the history of
Alexander the Great.  There are eight tapestries.
They are rich in contrast, marvelous in color,
mostly red-green.  Both sets are intended are
intended merely as samples and we don’t want in
any way to anticipate your decisions, my Fuehrer.

I have given instructions that rooms at the
Hofburg, which are vacant because of the overthrow
[Umbruch], be rearranged for the display of the
collections.  The rooms in the new wing of the
Hofburg, from the balcony of which you, my
Fuehrer, made the announcement about the
accomplished return of the Ostmark to the German
people, shall serve as display room for the most
important parts f the tapestry collection together
with the most important parts or the tapestry
collection together with a weapons collection
which I believe to be equally unique.

I am sure that the harmony of the rooms,
tapestries and most carefully selected weapons
will form a museumlike exposition, the only one of
its kind in the world; and that even Italy has
nothing of the kind to compare with it.  Excellent
cellars, which I fixed up as rooms for protection
against air raids for those and similar valuables
are available in this building .

With this letter, I ask you, my Fuehrer, to
consider the question of the furnishing of your
Fuehrer-buildings with the Viennese tapestry
collection as ready for a speedy solution and

                                  Heil, my Fuehrer