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Translation of document 3390-PS

           [Letter from Seyss-Inquart to Keppler]

                            Vienna, 25 Oct., 1937.

Dear Mr. Keppler!

Above all, I want to ask you for a mailing address
to which I can from time to time forward a report
to you quickly and safely.  In my opinion the main
problem is that our correspondence has to be
handled with strict privacy towards third persons,
in so far as depending on the content, the most
important personalities are not to be bothered
with the reports transmitted.  It is contrary to
our neutral intentions, that beyond that these
letters bear the character of secret reports,
because their content is always the result of
conversations with the most important authorities
and is always covered by the order, which we
received from them.  I personally should think it
most appropriate, if I could in any case write to
you at your private mailing address by airmail;  I
have to make sure only that the letters reach you
personally and are not opened in the office.

I have had consultations with Zernatto and
Schmidt.  I have especially informed both
gentlemen that the Berlin conference was concerned
with the solution of the time factor as well.
Both begin to show some understanding of this.
The exerting of influence on the Chief might also
be undertaken in this direction.  I don’t think it
impossible that the latter’s trip, undertaken a
short while ago, is somehow connected with these
communications.  Perhaps one wishes to establish
some connection between the time solution and the
already existing plans of the Donau solution.  In
any case, I shall consider it very desirable if
the matters per se come to a start in this

I found special understanding for the necessity of
a further step of intra-state nature in the fields
of economy, the armed forces, and even the press.
The gentlemen informed me in very frank
discussions that the hindrances partly of a
technical, partly of a political nature were
extremely great here, but both gentlemen decided
to support those propositions of mine, which I
discussed with you in regard to this matter.  I
hope that at least the preparation for a solution
of the personnel question can be paved in the
military field also.  It will also depend here
above all on whether or not the negative
impression of the last conversation between GI.H.
and the chief, which he held during my absence and
about which I reported, has too strong after-
effects.  The two state secretaries
[Staatssekretaere], however, were agreeably
impressed by my suggestion to this effect and show
a real interest in the continuation of these

The press-matters fall into a larger category
[Kombination], which takes time;  however I should
like to bring up even at this time several items,
above all in the field of inner-political

As far as the question of the preservation of the
national substance is concerned, which can thus be
solved by way of the exclusion of the
discrimination against the Nationals, I have
received, in regard to the principle of the
matter, important promises from Zer., which now
are to be made concrete by the means of
appropriate formulation and official
announcements.  Even in this case the only
possible line, which becomes ever clearer, lies in
that field which we mentioned in our last
discussion, just as I believe, that we will arrive
at the time solution probably only by way of the
"German Front,” whereby I refer especially to the
supporting framework [tragende Geruest], which, in
this connection, also was the subject of our

Of the details I want to mention the following:
Enclosed I am transmitting the copy of a letter
from Langoth.  I draw our attention especially to
the last paragraph.  I suggested to Langoth that
he admit Schmidt, who is a personal acquaintance
and probably a confidant of the captain into legal
relief work [Hilfswerk] with the special task of
controlling the expense, i.e. of watching to whom
the money goes, how it is used, and how the
monopolies are [Regien].  He is also to watch that
the relief-work machine does not begin to become
politically active and that it does not become a
second party-organization.  This suggestion on my
part has fallen on fertile ground, and can be
activated.  I don’t feel I am able to furnish any
better proof of the manner in which I work and in
which I view my task than this proposal.

I now ask you to use all your influence toward the
end that Langoth actually received S 30,000-
[30,000 Schilling] by way of normal remittance.
If S 20,000.- are added to that amount that will
certainly be very good, as since the sums are
divided accordingly.  In our conversation we have
referred to the fact, that Langoth, in order to
supplement his accounts, could use the means which
were promised him by Bk.  I have now received a
confirmation of the fact, that the inclusion in
this manner finds full protection.  If Langoth
drives out for this purpose, then he will receive
an appropriate communication from me with
reference to this statement of Bk.  I ask you to
accomplish if possible, that S 30,000 arrive by
way of normal transmittal, that approximately S
20,000.- be brought in by Langroth, and if then
the S 20,000.- are added to this, as mentioned
here, then this is not to be rejected.

For the sake of completion, I want to report that
our host [Unterstandsgeber] at Mondsee, as I hear,
after a discussion with the captain, in any case
with latter’s consent, is to call at Obersalzberg,
in person to cause the SS to subordinated to the
captain’s command.  Furthermore, that
industrialist, who in the affair of Vassenmeyer
handed in an indictment, has called in various
national economists and requested them to break
off all connections with Vassenmeyer, because the
latter had severely violated discipline and
because proceedings had been initiated.

I have thought over our discussion in the Alpine
affair and consider the steps in consideration as
answering the purpose.

                           With the German salute,
                             Yours very sincerely,

1 Enclosure
Mr. Wilhelm Keppler,
Berlin W 8
Behrenstrasse 39 a.