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Partial translation of document 3387-PS

        VOELKISCHER BEOBACHTER, 24 March 1933, Page 1

          [Hitler’s Speech at second meeting of the
                    Reichstag of 1933, on
        23 March 1933, asking for the adoption of the
                       Enabling Act.]

While the Government is determined to carry
through the political and moral purging of our
public life, it is creating and insuring
prerequisites for a truly religious life. The
Government sees in both Christian confessions the
most important factors for the maintenance of our
folkdom. It will respect agreements concluded
between them and the States. However, it respects
that its work will meet with a similar
appreciation. The Government will treat all other
denominations with equal objective justice. It can
never condone, though, that belonging to a certain
denomination or to a certain race might be
regarded as a license to commit or tolerate
crimes. The Government will devote its care to the
sincere living together of Church and State.