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Translation of document 3376-PS

                        THE ARCHIVE,

[Das Archiv] September 19, 1934, Vol. VI, Pages 767-768.

       “Dissolution of the Union of Catholic Germans”
        [Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katholischer Deutscher].

The Reich-leadership of the Party announces the
self dissolution of the Union of Catholic Germans:

Since the Reich Party Leadership through its
department for spiritual peace increasingly and
immediately administers all cultural problems and
those concerning the relationship of State and
Churches, the tasks at first delegated to the
Union of Catholic Germans are now included in
those of the Reich Party Leadership in the
interest of a stronger coordination.

Vice-Chancellor von Papen, up to now the Leader of
the Union of Catholic Germans, declared about the
Dissolution of this organization that it was done
upon his suggestion, since the attitude of the
National Socialist State toward the Christian and
Catholic Church had been explained often and
unequivocally through the leader and chancellor