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Translation of document 3360-PS

                     Secret State Police
            State Police Station Nurnberg-Fuerth
                     Teletype Substation

                                            FS No.
Day          Month          Year          Time

12           February       1944

                         Space for Receiving Stamp
                                Inspector …
                         Received 14 February 1944

from          by
Day          Month          Year          Time

To            By

RSHA Roman 4 F 1 45/44

The border Inspector-general

Urgent — Submit immediately. —

Treatment of recaptured escaped eastern laborers
[Ostarbeiter]. By order of the RFSS all recaptured
escaped eastern laborers without exception are to
be sent to concentration camps, effective
immediately. In regard to reporting to RFSS, I
request only one report by teletype to section
Roman 4 D (Foreign laborers) on 10 March 1944 as
to how many of such male or female eastern
laborers were turned over to a concentration camp
between today and 10 March 1944. The usual monthly
report, as per decree of 27 May 1943, concerning
eastern laborers sent to concentration camps, to
section Roman 4 D 5. Also as per decree of 15
December 1943 — Roman 4 D (Foreign laborers)
479/42. Prescribed monthly statistical report of
the fight against — above file number. In
addition, a report is to be made to me
quarterly — for the first time on 5 respectively
10 March 1944 — for the first time by 10 March 1944
to the RSHA, of the total number of foreign
laborers present in the border sector who as
border commuters [Grenzgaenger] in the compass of
small border traffic cross the border to their
place of [work?] situated in the Reich.