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Translation of document 3357-PS

              [Dokumente der Deutschen Politik]
                Vol. I, page 158, Doc. No. 64

Exchange of letters between the Reich president,
Adolf Hitler, and the Reichskommissar for Prussia,
Franz von Papen, and Reichs Minister Goering,
April 7 to 10, 1933, in connection with the recall
of the Reichskommissar and the appointment of
Goering to the post of Minister President of

Papen to Hitler:
Very Honored Herr Reichschancellor --

With the draft of the law for the coordination of
the states with the Reich, passed today by the
Reich Chancellor, legislative work has begun which
will be of historical significance for the
political development of the German state. The
step taken by the Reich Government, which I headed
at the time, is now crowned by this new inter-
locking of the Reich. You, Herr Reich Chancellor,
will now, as once Bismarck, be able to coordinate
in all points the policy of the greatest of German
states with that of the Reich. Now that the new
law enable you to appoint a Prus-
sian Prime Minister I ask you to inform the Reich
President that I return to his hands my post of
Reichs Kommissar for Prussia. With excellent

                           Your sincerely devoted,
                                     /s/ Von Papen

Hitler to Hindenburg:
Highly honored Reichs President--

Vice-Chancellor von Papen has sent a letter to me
which I enclose for your information. Herr von
Papen already informed me within the last few days
that he agreed with Minister Goering to resign on
his own volition, as soon as the unified conduct
of the governmental affairs in the Reich and in
Prussia would be assured by the new law on
coordination of policy in the Reich and the states

On the eve of the day when the new law on the
institution of Reich governors [Reichs-
Statthalter] was adopted, Herr von Papen
considered this aim as having been attained and he
requested of me to undertake the appointment of
the Prussian Prime Minister, when at the same time
he would offer his full time services in the Reich

Herr von Papen, in accepting the commission for
the Government of Prussia in these difficult times
since 30 January, has rendered a very meritorious
service to the realization of the idea of
coordinating the policy in the Reich and the
States [Laender]. His collaboration in the Reich
cabinet, for which he now offers all his strength,
is infinitely valuable; my relationship to him is
such a heartily friendly one, that I sincerely
rejoice at the great help I shall thus receive.

                          With profound reverence,
                                  /s/ Adolf Hitler

Hindenburg to Papen:
Dear Herr von Papen--

Your request to be released from the office of
Reich Commissar for the State of Prussia has just
been granted by me. I feel compelled at this
occasion to thank you sincerely, in behalf of the
Reich as well as my own, for the great meritorious
contribution you have rendered toward the
elimination of dualism between the Reich and the
states [Laender] and for the realization of the
idea of a unified political leadership in the
Reich and the states. That now your entire
capability will be at the disposal of the Reich
government I welcome with satisfaction.
          With best greetings in true comradeship--

                                  Yours sincerely,
              /s/  Von Hindenburg, Reich President