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Partial translation of document 3352-PS

   [Verfuegungen, Anordnungen, Bekanntgaben] issued by the
   Party Chancellery, Published by the Central Publishing
     House of the NSDAP, Munich, Vol. II, Pages 507513.

                  MANPOWER [Arbeitseinsatz]

The Plenipotentiary General [Der Generalbevollmaechtigte]
for Manpower.
Circular 12/42 g, 22 March 1942


[Translator’s Note:  Above is quoted the decree appointing
Sauckel Plenipotentiary General for Manpower in direct
placement under the Plenipotentiary for the Four Yea Plan,
Goering.  See Document 1666-PS.]

Party Comrade [Parteigenosse]  Sauckel has suggested-and I
have agreed-that the Gau leaders shall become active as his


plenipotentiaries within the Gaus, Hereby the cooperation of
all forces of party, state, ad economy will be guaranteed

By the leadership of the party in full appreciation of the
competence of the corresponding Reich authorities, the
highest efficiency in the field of manpower shall be
guaranteed.  This circular has solely the purpose of giving
information.  Orders for the execution of your work will be
transferred to you though Party Comrade Sauckel shortly.  It
goes without saying that the party gives him the best
support for his responsible work.

Plenipotentiary General for Manpower
Executive Regulation
                             Circular 14/42 g, 31 March 1942

In addition to circular number 12/42 g, 22 March 1942, about
the appointment of Gau Leader Party Comrade Sauckel as
Plenipotentiary General for Manpower, I announce herewith
the executive regulation of the Plenipotentiary for the Four
Year Plan cf 27 March 1942 as follows:

At the disposal of the Plenipotentiary for Manpower for the
execution of his tasks is the right to issue orders to the
supreme Reich authorities, their subordinate agencies, also
the agencies of the party, its member organizations and
affiliated organizations, to the Reich Protector, the
Governor General, to the military commanders, and to heads
of the civil administrations, as authorized by the Fuehrer.
As to orders and measures of a principal nature, report has
to be made to me in advance.

Decrees of the Plenipotentiary General for Manpower
Order I. 53/712, 29 July 1942

The Chancellery of the Party submits herewith a list of the
decrees issued to date by the Plenipotentiary General for

Order Number 1 of the Plenipotentiary General for Manpower
About Appointment and Tasks of his Plenipotentiaries, 6
April 1942.

I herewith appoint the Gau leaders of the NSDAP as my
plenipotentiaries for manpower within their respective Gaus.

A. Their tasks are:

1. Establishment of a harmonious cooperation of all agencies
of the state, of the party, of the armed forces, and of the
Economy, charged with problems of manpower and thus to
create agreement between the different conceptions and
requirements to obtain the highest efficiency in the field
of manpower. (It has to be considered hereby that in the
military districts it is up to the Reich defense commissar
to guarantee the liaison between civil authorities and the
agencies of the Wehrmacht in accordance with their tasks
under the administrative order of 1 September 1939.
(Reichgesetzblatt I, page 1565).

B. Execution

1. The president of the provincial labor offices
[Landesarbeitsaemter] and their staffs are herewith directed
to be at the disposal of the Gau leaders for information and
advice and to fulfill the suggestions and demands of the Gau
leader for the purpose of improvements for manpower within
the framework of the existing regulations, laws, and orderly
business procedure. Concerning this, there will be special

2. The authorities of the general and internal
administration, and of the economy as well, especially the
agricultural offices and provincial food offices, are also
to hold themselves at the disposal of the Gau leaders for
cooperation concerning manpower, in agreement with the
competent Reich ministers, and with consideration of their
service regulations. Concerning this there will be special
directives. The organizations of the professional economy
also have to participate.

By the above-mentioned commission of the Gau leaders of the
NSDAP, I intend to lead manpower utilization to the greatest
success for the German armament economy, war economy, and
food economy as far as concerns the responsibility of the
agencies of the party, of the state, of the armed forces,
and of the organizations of the economy in relation to their
supreme authorities. For this purpose, I also intend
especially to use the powerful internal forces of the
national socialist ideology involved in the field of human
care and human leadership.

Order No. 2 of the Plenipotentiary General for Manpower
about the guarantee of the unification of the execution of
the tasks in the field of manpower and wage policy.

The fulfillment of the task given to me by the Fuehrer
require; the greatest concentration of the agencies which
are responsible for the direction of manpower and wage
policy and their unified direction for the given goal. I
have taken the required measures. In doing this, I have
directed the attention of the above mentioned agencies
expressly to the need for a closer and more faithful
cooperation with the corresponding agencies of the party and
the state as well as of the economy, and have issued
corresponding orders. Further I have appointed the Gau
leaders of the NSDAP as my plenipotentiaries for manpower
within their respective Gaus and have conferred upon them as
special tasks the establishment of harmonious cooperation
with all agencies in charge of manpower-problems. The
conditions for an efficient and harmonious cooperation of
all effective forces in the field of manpower and wage
policy are thereby established.

Beyond this it is a prerequisite for the success of the task
that from now on all those agencies of the party, of the
state and of the economy, the heads of all other offices,
institutions and persons who are not responsible for the
direction of manpower and wage policy, refrain from any
influence concerning the above mentioned tasks, except when
they are expressly asked for cooperation.

Manpower Utilization of Eastern Workers. Leaflets for
Factory Heads and Eastern Workers.

                              Circular 122/42, 4 August 1942

According to a demand of the Plenipotentiary General for
Manpower, Gau leader Sauckel, I recommend that the “Bearers
of Sovereignty” [Hoheitstraeger] inform themselves
occasionally of the execution of the regulations — issued
for the utilization of Eastern Workers within the factories.
This involvement of the “Bearers of Sovereignty” appears
necessary to control the factory heads in the execution of
the decrees issued by the Plenipotentiary General for
Manpower, and-on the other hand to avoid that the
politically inept factory heads give too-much consideration-
to the care of the Eastern workers and thereby cause
justified annoyance among the German workers.

I, Robert M. W. Kempner, an expert Consultant of
the War Department appeared before the undersigned
attesting officer and having been duly sworn
stated as follows:

In my capacity as Superior Government Counsellor
and Chief Legal Adviser of  the pre-Hitler
Prussian Police Administration, I became
officially acquainted with the criminal record of
Martin Bormann, identical with the Defendant
Martin Bormann now under indictment before the
International Military Tribunal in Nurnberg,

The official criminal record of Martin Bormann
contained the following entry:

Bormann, Martin, sentenced on May 15,1924, by the
State Tribunal for the Protection of the Republic,
in Leipzig, Germany, to one year in prison, for
having been an accomplice in the commission of a
political murder.

                              Robert M. W. Kempner
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of
December 1945.
                                  Normann A. Stoll
                                     Captain, JAGD