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Translation of document 3340-PS

                   TERRITORIES, YEAR 1941
            [Verordnungsblatt fuer die besetzten
                 Gebiete] Part 8, Page 137.
        First Order of the Reich Commissioner for the
                       Occupied Dutch
     Territories concerning Extraordinary Measures of a
          Constitutional and Administrative Nature,
                        March 1, 1941

Pursuant to Section 3 of the decree of the Fuehrer
concerning the exercise of governmental authority
in the Netherlands of May 18, 1940 (RGB1, I, p.
778), I hereby order as follows:

                          Section 1

The following provisions shall apply to the
Administration of those communities for which the
Reich Commissioner for the occupied Netherlands
territories shall deem their application

                          Section 2

(1)  The municipal Councils, the Joint Boards of the Mayors
  and Aldermen, and all other municipal boards or commissions
  shall be and hereby are dissolved.

(2)  The powers, provisions, and duties vested in or imposed
  upon the agencies dissolved in accordance with subsection 1
  by virtue of statue or contractual provisions and the
  official powers and duties of the mayor shall be vested in a
  Government Commissioner.

(3)  The dissolution of the Joint of the Mayor and Aldermen
  shall not affect the remaining activities of the Aldermen
  within the municipal administration unless it shall be
  otherwise provided in a specific instance.

                          Section 3

The Government Commissioner shall, with regard to
his official duties, be subject to the supervision
of the Provincial Commission and the Secretary
General in the Ministry of the Interior who may
issue instructions binding on him.

                          Section 4

(1)  Section I, No. 3, subsection I of Section 2, and
  Section 3 of Order No. 108/1940 (Fourth Order concerning
  certain Administrative Measures) shall be made applicable to
  the appointment and dismissal of the Government

(2)  The Government Commissioner, at his free discretion,
	shall appoint and dismiss the aldermen.  In provincial
	and in communities with more than 50,000
	inhabitants the appointment and dismissal by the
	Government Commissioner shall be subject to the
	consent of the Secretary General in the Ministry
	of the Interior.

                          Section 5

The Government Commissioner shall appoint no less
than four and no more than eight persons from
among the inhabitants, who shall advise him in the
fulfillment of this official duties.  They shall
be designated as “Advisors of the Government

                          Section 6

(1)  The Reich Commissioner for the occupied Netherlands
  territories will be order, determine the municipalities to
  which the provisions of his order shall apply.

                          Section 7

Rules and regulations necessary for the
enforcement of this order may be issued in the
form of an administrative order.

                          Section 8

This order shall take effect as of the date of
The Hague, March 1, 1941.

               Reich Commissioner for the Occupied
                                 Dutch Territories