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Partial translation of document 3339-PS

                   TERRITORIES, YEAR 1941

            [Verordnungsblatt fuer die besetzten
                  Niederlandischen Gebiete]

                      Part 8, Page 143.

      Order of the Reich Commissioner for the Occupied
       Dutch Territories concerning Marriages of Male
        Persons of German Nationality in the Occupied
        Netherlands Territories, and Related Matters,
                     February 28, 1941.

In pursuance of Section 5 of the decrees of the
Fuehrer concerning the exercise of governmental
authority in the Netherlands of May 18, 1940
(RGB1, I, p. 778), I hereby order as follows:

                          Section 1

(1)  The marriage of a male person of German nationality
  shall have validity only if the marriage ceremony is
  performed by a German official.


                          Section 4

(1)  Upon the application of a female person of Netherlands
  nationality intending to marry a German and requiring for
  such marriage, in accordance with Articles 92-98 of the
  Netherlands Civil Code, the consent of her parents,
  grandparents, guardian, or guardians, the approval of the
  Reich Commissioner for the occupied Netherlands territories
  (through the Commissioner General for the Administration of
  Justice) may grant dispensation form the observance of the
  waiting period required in accordance with Articles 91 and
  103 of the Netherlands Civil Code.


The Hague, February 28,1941.
                        Reich Commissioner for the
                        Occupied Dutch Territories