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Translation of document 3334-PS

                          YEAR 1940
            [Verordnungsblatt fuer die besetzten
                 Niederlaendischen Gebiete]
                     Part 42, Page 761.

Decree of the Reich Commissioner for the occupied
Dutch Territories concerning the employment of
Germans in Jewish households.

By virtue of section 5 of the edict of the Fuehrer
on the execution of governmental authority in the
Netherlands of 18 May 1940 (RGBI. I. S. 118) I

                          Section 1

(1)  German Nationals of German or related blood cannot be
  employed in households of which a Jew is the head, nor in
  of which a Jew is a permanent or temporary member
  for a non-interrupted period of more than four

(2)  In the sense of paragraph 1 are considered as Jews,
  those who according to the regulation of section 4 of decree
  Nr. 189/1940 concerning the registration of enterprises, are
  Jews or are considered as such.  Employed in a household are
  those who, in order to work there, are entirely or partially
  temporarily or continuously a member of the household for
  those who perform daily household work or other daily work
  directly or indirectly connected with the household without
  being a member thereof.

(3)  In exception to the regulations set forth in section 1,
  employment based on an existing agreement is permissible:

  (1)  from the time this decree becomes effective until 1
    February 1941;
  (2)  from the date on which occurs the fact confirming the
    regulation according to section 1 until the earliest date on
    which the employer can terminate the contract, however for a
    maximum of 30 days only.

                          Section 2

(1)  Contracts are void inasmuch as they contain the
  obligation for employment forbidden according to section 1.

(2)  The fact that the definitions of section 1 paragraph
  can or will be applied to a contract, does not set forth an
  important reason for the employer in the sense of article
  1639.P, section 1 or the Netherlands civil law.

                         Sections 3

(1)  Employment of German Nationals violating the law of
  section 1 will be punished with imprisonment up to one year
  and a fine up to ten thousand guilders or one of these

(2)  The prosecution of a person not of German or Netherland
  nationality nor stateless requires the consent of the Reich
  commissioner for the occupied Netherland territories.

(3)  Deeds according to section 1 are punishable offenses in
  the sense of paragraph 2 section 2 of the decree Nr5.
  52/1940 of the German jurisdiction for penal cases.

                          Section 4

The Reich commissioner for the occupied Netherland
territories may grant exemptions of the
regulations of this decree.

                          Section 5

This decree becomes effective on the day of its

The Hague, 19 December 1940
                    The Reich commissioner for the
                        occupied Dutch Territories