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Partial translation of document 3325-PS

                   TERRITORIES, YEAR 1941
            [Verordnungsblatt fuer die besetzten
                  Gebiete] Part 6, Page 99

Decree of the Reich Commissioner for the Occupied
Dutch Territories referring to Jewish students

In accordance with section 5 of the Fuehrer's
decree referring to the exercise of governmental
authority within the Netherlands, dated 18 May
1940 (RGBI. I, S. 778), I decree that:

                          Section 1
This decree refers to:

1.   Persons, who are entirely or partly  of Jewish blood,
  and have to register according to Decree Nr. 6/1941 on
  compulsory registration; exempt are those who have only one
  grandparential ancestor of pure Jewish race in the sense of
  this decree.
2.   Persons who adhere to the Jewish religious faith.

                          Section 2

The enrollment at Dutch universities and colleges
of  persons classified under section 1 is
restricted by regulations which are issued by the
Secretary General of the Ministry of Education,
Science- and Cultural administration.

                          Section 3

A person, classified under section 1, who did not
matriculate in a Dutch university or college can
only be admitted for examination in these
institutions after permission has been granted by
the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education-
Science- and Cultural administration.

                          Section 4

This decree takes effect on the day of its
proclamation.  The Hague, the 11 February 1941.
                    The Reich Commissioner for the
                        Dutch Occupied Territories
                             signed  Seyss-Inquart