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Partial translation of document 3314-PS

Muenster, Westphalia, 28 August 1932 Frankfurter Zeitung,
29 August 1932, Page 2.

The licentiousness emanating from the appeal of the leader of the National Socialist Movement does not comply very well with his claims to governmental power.

I do not concede him the right to regard the mere minority following this banner solely as the German nation, and to treat all our fellow countrymen as “free game".

I am advocating the constitutional state, the community of the people, law and order in government. In doing so, it is I, and not he, who is carrying on the struggle against the damination of parties, against arbitrarianism and injustice, a struggle which millions so his supporters had been wholeheartedly longing for years to fight.

My government from the first day on, has pursued the aim to grant the opportunity of participating in the reconstruction of the Reich to that great patriotic liberation movement whose historical services to Germany everybody must acknowledge. I am loath to believe that this great German liberation movement will remain intentionally antagonistic forever toward the purposes of a government whose entire thoughts are devoted solely and exclusively to Germany’s future.

I am firmly determined to stamp out the smoldering flame of civil war, to put an end to political unrest and political violence, which today is still such a great obstacle to the positive work representing the sole task of the State.

The conservative leadership of the State recognizes as its task, with few laws and in limiting itself to the chief aspects of National can enfold themselves freely. This task can only be fulfilled by an authoritarian, independent government deeply conscious of its duties toward God and Nation.