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Translation of document 2479-PS

I, Colonel of the Police Dr. Rudof Mildner, being first duly sworn, declare;

In 1941 I served in Kattowitz (Upper-Silesia) where I had a conversation
with SS Sturmbannfuehrer Oskar Podlich, Leader of SD-Leitabschnitt Kattowitz.
During the conversation I learned of the incidents on the German-Polish border
in Upper-Silesia, which officially were used by the Germans for opening
of the Polish campaign, were instigated on order by Heydrich and carried out
by members of the SD in Beuthen, Hindenburg, and Gleiwitz.

Among these incidents were, as far as I am able to remember, the attack on
the German broadcasting station in Gleiwitz, and the attack on the
German consulate in Kattowitz.

The SD members who participated in these incidents were said to have been
decorated with the War Service Cross, Second Class.

                                        R. Mildner

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 4 day of November 1945 in Nurnberg,
                                        Whitney R. Harris
                                        Lieut., US. Naval Reserve