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Translation of document 2376-PS

I, Dr. Rudolf Mildner, Colonel of the Police, being first
duly sworn, declare:

After the entry of the USA into the European war, Hitler put
into execution the threat he once made in a speech in the
West, “The Jews will be exterminated for that".

Out of the whole Reich territory and the Protectorate
Bohemia and Moravia, the Generalgovernment Poland, as well
as from the countries of Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium,
France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia,
and from the German occupied Russian territory, under what
was called “Arbeitseinsatz” [labor employment], the Jews
were taken into concentration camps and camps for the
armament industry.

The order for the deportation of the Jews in the Reich and
in the countries occupied by German troops to labor and
concentration camps were issued by RF SS Himmler. The orders
had his signature and were classified “top secret” [Geheime
Reichsache]. They passed through the Chef der
Sicherheitspolizei and SD Dr. Kaltenbrunner, formerly
Heydrich, to the Amtschef IV RSHA, Gruppenfuehrer Mueller
who orally talked over the execution of the matter with the
head of action IV A 4, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Eichmann,
member of the SD and transferred from Department III to
Department IV. The orders also went directly from RF SS
Himmler to the local competent Hoeheren SS and
Polizeifuehrer, with the Chef der Sipo and SD, Dr.
Kaltenbrunner, being informed.

Orders of the RF SS Himmler concerning the type of labor
employment of the prisoners and the extermination of the
Jews, so far as I could gather from conversations with a
comrade of the Sipo, went directly through
Obergruppenfuehrer Pool, Gruppenfuehrer Glucks, head of the
Amtsgruppe D and the head of the concentration camps as “top
secret” [Geheime Reichssache],
either written or orally. SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Eichmann
held the following positions: adviser to RF SS Himmler, the
Chief of the Security Police and SD, SS Gruppenfuehrer, Dr.
Kaltenbrunner, and the Amtschef of Section IV on all Jewish
questions; deputy of RF SS Himmler in all deportations to
camps and conversations with other countries concerning the
evacuation of the Jews; and liaison man with all Hoeheren SS
and Polizeifuehrer in matters concerning the Jews.

The orders for the carrying out of measures against the Jews
Eichmann received (either orally from RF SS Himmler or in an
order signed by Himmler) orally or on written orders from
Chef der Sipo and SD, Dr. Kaltenbrunner, and from the
Amtschef IV RSHA, Gruppenfuehrer Mueller, in Berlin. The
channels for the issuing of orders on Jewish matters in the
Sipo were known to me from conversations with Gruppenfuehrer
Mueller and comrades in the Sipo. I also got some
information from the working plan and the business
directions of the Sipo.

I swear under oath that the foregoing is correct and true.

                                        [Signed] R. Mildner.

Subscribed and sworn to before me at Nurnberg, Germany, on
16 November 1945.

                                  [Signed] Whitney R. Harris
                                               Lieut., USNR.