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Translation of document 066-PS


The Deputy of the Fuehrer Chief of Staff Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg Berlin W 35 Margaretenstr 17

Munich 24 June 1940 The Brown House III/Dr Kl-Eg Chancellory Rosenberg Receipt Nr 1799 M. 1 July 40 H Copy to III for comment-2 July

Enclosed please find the draft of a decree about the judicial status of religious organizations and congregations in the Reich district Danzig-West Prussia, with a request for your comment.

The draft in its present form has been approved by District Leader Forster.

Heil Hitler! Signed: M. BORMANN

1 enclosure


About the Juridical Status of Religious Organizations and Congregations in the Reich district Danzig-West Prussia.

The following decree is issued under authority of par. 3 of the decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor regarding the organization and administration of the Eastern territories, dated October 8, 1939-Reich Law Publication (Reichsgesetzblatt) 1 page 2042-and of par. 4 of law of April 14, 1939-Reich Law Publ. I, page 780-with the approval of the Reich Minister of the Interior and the competent Reich Ministers. This shall not be binding for a subsequent general Reich decree.

Par. 1

Because of the peculiar folkloristic conditions in the Reich District Danzig-West Prussia, all religious organizations and congregations need the approval of the Reich Deputy, to assure legal competence.

Par. 2

The Reich Deputy may, with the consent of the Reich Minister of the Treasury, grant subsidies to certain religious organizations and congregations within his own judgement. The subsidies are subject to cancellation at any time.

Par. 3

All claims of the existing religious organizations and congregations to a state of municipal subsidy are suspended. The religious organizations and congregations have no claim to Church dues.

Religious organization and congregations may not exercise their rights of collecting dues without approval of the Reich Deputy. This also relates to the issuance of regulations concerning dues.

The organization of collections as well as the acceptance of voluntary contributions by the religious organizations and congregations is subject to the approval of the Reich Deputy.

Par. 4

Yearly, and prior to each fiscal year, the religious organizations and congregations will submit a budget plan about the intended expenditures of their receipts, to the government inspector. Further, and upon demand, they must substantiate their expenditures at the end of the fiscal year.

The Government inspector is entitled to inspect the property administration of the Church and to demand any explanations deemed necessary about items in the budget. He may object to certain items in the budget in which case such items are to be eliminated.

Par. 5

Acquisition of property, in particular of real estate by religious organizations and congregations is subject to the approval of the Reich Deputy. This regulation applies to acquisitions through deeds of living persons as well as to testamentary dispositions. Obligations of money, work or material contributions to religious organizations or congregations, their institutions and affiliations, must be ratified by the Reich Deputy to become lawful, insofar as these obligations have been contracted prior to January 1, 1940.

Par. 6

With view to the peculiar conditions existing in the Eastern territories organized under the Reich District [Reichsgau] Danzig-West Prussia, the public administration of real estate which was owned or possessed by the religious organizations and congregations prior to 1 Sept. 1939, will remain in effect in this territory until further notice. This does not apply to tracts with no buildings other than those intended for worship.

Par. 7

Unless otherwise indicated this decree is effective for the entire Reich District of Danzig-West Prussia.

Par. 8

All regulations conflicting with this decree are void.

The Reich Deputy issues the necessary decrees for the execution and amplification of this law. He designates the agency which will execute the powers invested in the State by this law.

Par. 9

This decree is effective as of * * *