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Translation of document 062-PS

NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS PARTY The Deputy of the Fuehrer [Receipt Stamp: Chancellery Rosenberg No. 941, dated 1 April 1940] Munich 33, 13 March 1940 Brown House

TOP SECRET! (Initialled): R DIRECTIVE A 5/40 g-

Subject: Instructions to the civilian population regarding appropriate behavior in case of landings of enemy planes or parachutists in German territory [Reichsgebiet]

The French civilian population was directed officially and by radio how to behave in case of landings by German planes.

On account of this fact the Commander in Chief of the Air Force has requested me to instruct the civilian population correspondingly by means of party channels.

The attached directions as to procedure are to be disseminated only orally via district leaders [Kreisleiter], local municipal leaders [Ortsgruppenleiter], cell leaders [Zellenleiter], block leaders [Blockleiter], leaders of the incorporated and affiliated organizations of the party. Transmittal by official orders, posters, press or radio is prohibited.

1 enclosure Authenticated: (F.d.R.) FRIEDRICHS signed: R. HESS

OFFICIAL STAMP: TOP SECRET (gives the exact routine instructions how to handle state secrets)

1. This is a state secret in the sense of par. 88 Reich Criminal Code in the wording of the law of 24 April 1934. German laws of 1934 Vol. 1 p. 341 ff.

2. To be passed on only personally or upon personal written request in two envelopes against receipt certificate.

3. Transmission if possible through courier or trusted personality; in case of postal transmission as money-letter (value 1,050 marks).

4. Multiplication of any kind as well as making of excerpts is prohibited.

5. Recipient responsible for safe keeping. Violation of this results in severest punishment.

DISTRIBUTION Members of the Executive Board of the NSDAP Regional Leaders Adjutant’s Office of the Fuehrer Liaison Staff of the NSDAP Reich Organization Directorate Reich Propaganda Directorate Reich Student Leadership SS Gruppenfuehrer HEYDRICH.

INCLOSURE TO DIRECTIVE-A 5/40 g Direction about behavior in case of landings of enemy planes or parachutists

1. Each enemy plane landing on German soil is to be put under effective protection immediately.

2. The airmen are to be arrested at once, and, first of all, a restarting as well as the destruction or burning of the plane or its contents are to be prevented.

3. It is to be kept especially in mind that each part of the plane, even the smallest, or of the equipment of the airmen is important and of the utmost significance to the competent service office. The retaining of any objects — possibly as souvenirs — is detrimental to the country’s defense, and will be punished as looting according to law. This category includes also, i.e. notebooks, letters, postal cards, either in the plane or in the clothing of killed or wounded airmen. Any attempt by enemy airmen to destroy such objects is to be prevented by all means.

4. Likewise, enemy parachutists are immediately to be arrested or liquidated [Unschadlich Gemacht].

5. The nearest military or constabulary post is to be informed at once.