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Translation of document 019-PS

The Commissioner for the Four Year Plan The Deputy General for Labor Supply No. IVa 5780.28/1138 Berlin, SW 11, 17 March 1943 Saarlandstr. 96 (Reich’s Ministry for Labor) Tel. of the RAM: 11 00 28 Postal Checking Account of the RAM, Branch: Berlin 100.19 Copies: 1. Gauleiter 2. III W 5 3. Special Deputy for the Eastern Labor Supply Receipt stamp 03487 dated 18 March 1943


To: The Reichsminister for the Occupied Eastern Territories.

Att. Mr. Reichsminister ROSENBERG, Berlin

Subject: Draft of workers from the East

Dear Party Member Rosenberg:

After a protracted illness my Deputy for Labor Supply in the occupied Eastern Territories, State Councillor Peukert, is going in there to regulate the labor supply both for Germany and the territories themselves.

I ask you sincerely, dear party member Rosenberg, to assist him to your utmost on account of the pressing urgency of Peukert’s mission. Already now I may thank you for the hitherto good reception accorded to Peukert. He himself has been charged by me with the absolute and completely unreserved cooperation with all bureaus of the Eastern Territories.

Especially the labor supply for the German agriculture, and likewise for the most urgent armament production programs ordered by the Fuehrer make the fastest importation of approximately 1 million women and men from the Eastern Territories within the next 4 months a must. Starting 15 March the daily shipment must have reached 5000 female and male workers respectively, while beginning of April this number has to be stepped up to 10,000. This is a requisite of the most urgent programs, and the spring tillage, and other agricultural tasks are not to super to the detriment of the nutrition and of the armed forces.

I have foreseen the allotment of the draft quotas for the individual territories in agreement with your experts for the labor supply as follows:

Daily quota starting 15 March 1943:

From General Commissariat White Ruthenia. 500 people
Economic Inspection Center. 500 people
Reich’s Commissariat Ukraine. 3000 people
Economic Inspection South. 1000 people
Total. 5000 people

Starting 1 April 1943 the daily quota is to be doubled corresponding to the doubling of the entire quota.

I hope to visit personally the Eastern Territories towards the end of the month, and ask you once more for your kind support.