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Although this listing is neither complete nor up-to-date, it does show many of the Holocaust books held by the Holocaust Historiography Project. In addition to these works, we also have a complete set of The Journal of Historical Review and Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression (“Red Series”).

Author Title Publisher Year
1985 Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust Holocaust Forty Years After, The Edwin Mellen Press 1989
135633, Ka-tzetnik Atrocity Lyle Stuart 1963
135633, Ka-tzetnik House of Dolls, The Simon and Schuster 1955
135633, Ka-tzetnik Star Eternal Arbor House 1971
Abrams, Alan Special Treatment: The Untold Story of Hitler’s Third Race Lyle Stuart 1987
Abzug, Robert H Inside the Vicious Heart Oxford University Press, USA 1987
Adelson, Alan, and Robert Lapides Lodz Ghetto: Inside a Community Under Siege Penguin (Non-Classics) 1991
ADL 1989 IHR Conference, The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith 1990
Ainsztein, Reuben Bialystock Ghetto Revolt, The Crown Publishers 1967
Andrus, Burton I Was the Nuremberg Jailer Coward-McCann, Inc 1969
App, Austin Straight Look at the Third Reich, A Boniface Press 1975
Arad, Yitzhak Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka Indiana University Press 1987
Arad, Yitzhak, Smuel Krakowski, and Shmuel Spector Einsatzgruppen Reports, The Unites States Holocaust 1989
Arad, Yitzhak Pictorial History of the Holocaust MacMillan Publishing Company 1992
Archer, Jules Dictators, The Hawthorn Books, Inc. 1967
Arendt, Hannah Eichmann in Jerusalem The Viking Press 1963
Aron, Isaac Fallen leaves Shengold Publishers 1981
Aubrac, Lucie Outwitting the Gestapo University of Nebraska Press 1993
Avey, Denis Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz, The: A True Story of World War II Da Capo Press 2011
Bacque, James Crimes & Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 1944-1950 Lb Canada 1997
Bacque, James Other Losses Prima Lifestyles 1994
Bacque, James Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II Stoddart Pub 1989
Bailey, Thomas A., and Paul B. Ryan Hitler vs. Roosevelt: The Undeclared Naval War Free Press 1979
Baker, Leonard Days of Sorrow and Pain Oxford University Press, USA 1980
Ball, John C Air Photo Evidence: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Sobibor, Bergen Belsen, Belzec, Babi Yar, Katyn Forest Ball Resource Services Llimited 1992
Bar-Zohar, Michael Avengers, The Hawthorn Books 1967
Barnes, Harry Elmer Barnes Trilogy, The: Three revisionist booklets Institute for Historical Review 1979
Bassett, Richard Waldheim and Austria Viking Adult 1989
Bauer, Yehuda History of the Holocaust, A Franklin Watts 1982
Bauer, Yehuda Holocaust in historical perspective, The University of Washington Press 1978
Bauer, Yehuda They Chose Life The American Jewish Committee 1973
Ben-Yehuda, Nachman Political Assassinations by Jews: A Rhetorical Device for Justice State University of New York Press 1992
Benson, Ivor Zionist Factor Noontide Press 1991
Bentwich, Norman They Found Refuge The Cresset Press 1956
Benz, Wolfgang Holocaust, The Columbia University Press 1999
Berenbaum, Michael Mosaic of Victims, A New York Univ Pr 1992
Berenbaum, Michael World Must Know, The: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The Johns Hopkins University Press 2005
Berkman, Ted Cast a Giant Shadow: The Story of Mickey Marcus, Who Died to Save Jerusalem Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1962
Berman, Aaron Nazism, the Jews, and American Zionism, 1933-1948 Wayne State University Press 1990
Bernadac, Christian Naked Puppets, The Ferni Publishing House 1978
Bernadac, Christian Women’s Kommandos Ferni Publishing House 1978
Bernstein, Jack Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, The Noontide Press 1991
Bernstein, Victor H Final Judgment: The story of Nuremberg Latimer House 1947
Bierman, John Odyssey Simon & Schuster 1984
Block, Gay, and Malka Drucker Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust Holmes & Meier Publishers 1992
Boder, David I Did Not Interview the Dead The University of Illinois Press 1949
Bor, Josef Terezín Requiem, The Alfred A. Knopf 1963
Bower, Tom Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons Pantheon Books 1984
Branch, Program Development and Implementation Holocaust, The: A topic of study in history Department of Education
Breitman, Richard Architect of Genocide, The: Himmler and the Final Solution Knopf 1991
Breitman, Richard Architect of Genocide, The University Press of New England 1992
Brenner, Lenni Iron Wall, The: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir Zed Books 1984
Brenner, Lenni Jews in America Today L. Stuart 1986
Brenner, Lenni Zionism in the Age of the Dictators Lawrence Hill & Co 1983
Bresheeth, Haim, Stuart Hood, and Litza Jansz Introducing The Holocaust Totem Books 1994
Britain, Foreign Office Great British War Blue Book, The. Miscellaneous No. 9 (1939) Documents Concerning German-Polish Relations & the Outbreak of Hostilities Farrar & Rinehart, New York 1939
British People’s Party Failure at Nuremberg Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1983
Brooke, et al Judgment of the Ontario Court of Appeal (Regina v. Zündel), The Samisdat Publishers 1987
Buechner, Howard A Dachau: The Hour of the Avenger Thunderbird Pr 1986
Bullock, Alan Hitler A Study In Tyranny Harper Row 1958
Butz, Arthur R. Hoax of the Twentieth Century, The Noontide Press 1977
Butz, Arthur R. Hoax of the Twentieth Century, The: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1976
Cargas, Harry J. Shadows of Auschwitz Crossroad Pub Co 1990
Chartock, Roselle K., and Jack Spencer Can It Happen Again?: Chronicles of the Holocaust Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers 1995
Chomsky, Noam Fateful Triangle South End Pr 1984
Christie, Doug Appellant’s Factum Samisdat Publishers 1985
Christie, Doug Appellant’s Factum Samisdat Publishers 1988
Christophersen, Thies Auschwitz: A personal account Liberty Bell Publications 1979
Christopherson, Thies Auschwitz: Truth or lie
Ciano, Conte Galeazzo Ciano diaries, 1939-1943, The Doubleday 1946
Cobden, John Dachau: Reality and Myth Inst for Historical Review 1994
Cobden, John Dachau: Reality and myth in history Publisher 1991
Cohen, Elie A Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp Grosset & Dunlap 1953
Congress, World Jewish, et al Black Book, The The Jewish Black Book Committee 1946
Connors, Michael F. Dealing in hate Institute for Historical Review 1966
Conot, Robert E Justice at Nuremberg Carroll & Graf Publishers 1984
Conquest, Robert Great Terror, The: Stalin’s Purges of the Thirties Macmillan Company 1968
Conquest, Robert Harvest of Sorrow, The: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine Oxford University Press, USA 1986
Corti, Egon Caesar Rise of The House of Rothschild, The 1928
Costello, John Ten Days to Destiny: The Secret Story of the Hess Peace Initiative and British Efforts to Strike a Deal With Hitler William Morrow & Co 1991
Council, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Fifty Years Ago U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council 1992
Council, United States Holocaust Memorial Fifty Years Ago — In The Depths Of Darkness U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council 1992
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Opinion and Judgment United States Government Printing Office 1947
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Supplement A United States Government Printing Office 1947
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Supplement B United States Government Printing Office 1948
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 1 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 2 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 3 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 4 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 5 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 6 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 7 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Criminality, Office of United States Chief of Council for Prosecution of Axis Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 8 United States Government Printing Office 1946
Cummins, Paul F. Dachau Song Peter Lang Publishing 1992
Czech, Danuta Auschwitz Chronicle, The I.B. Tauris 1990
Dabringhaus, Erhard Klaus Barbie Acropolis Books (NY) 1984
Dacey, Norman F. Democracy in Israel Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1976
Dafni, Reuven, and Yehubit Kleiman Final Letters Weidenfeld Nicolson 1991
Dawidowicz, Lucy S War against the Jews, 1933-1945, The Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1975
Dawidowicz, Lucy S From That Place and Time W W Norton & Co Inc 1989
Dawidowicz, Lucy S Holocaust and the Historians, The Harvard University Press 1983
Dedijer, Vladimir Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican, The Prometheus Books 1992
Degrelle, Leon Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front Noontide Press 1985
Degrelle, Leon Hitler: Born at Versailles Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1987
Delbo, Charlotte None of Us Will Return Beacon Press 1968
Distel, Barbara, and Ruth Jakusch Concentration camp Dachau, 1933-1945 Comité International de Dachau 1978
Distel, Barbara Dachau Concentration Camp Comité International de Dachau 1972
Dobroszycki, Lucjan Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944, The Yale University Press 1987
Donat, Alexander Holocaust Kingdom, The Rinehart and Winston 1965
Donovan, John Eichmann: Man of slaughter Avon 1960
Douglas, Gregory Gestapo Chief : The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Muller, Volume 1 R. James Bender Publishing 1996
Dwork, Deborah, and Robert Jan Van Pelt Auschwitz: 1270 To the Present W. W. Norton & Company 1996
Elmhurst, Ernest World Hoax, The Publisher 1938
Epstein, and Philip Rosen Dictionary of the Holocaust: Biography, Geography, and Terminology Greenwood Press 1997
Epstein, Helen Children of the Holocaust G.P. Putnam’s Sons 1979
Evans, Richard J In Hitler’s Shadow Pantheon 1989
Ezrahi, Sidra Dekoven By Words Alone Univ of Chicago Pr (Tx) 1980
Fein, Helen Accounting for Genocide Free Press 1979
Felderer, Ditlieb Anne Frank’s diary — A hoax Institute for Historical Review 1979
Fenelon, Fania Playing for Time Atheneum 1977
Findley, Paul They Dare to Speak Out Lawrence Hill Books 1989
Fine, Ellen S Legacy of Night, the Literary Universe of Elie Wiesel State Univ of New York Pr 1982
Finger, Seymour Maxwell American Jewry During the Holocaust Holmes & Meier Publishers 1984
Finkelstein, Norman G Holocaust Industry, The: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering Verso 2000
Flaim, Richard F. Holocaust and Genocide Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith 1983
Flaim, Richard F. Holocaust and Genocide: A Search for Conscience, a Curriculum Guide Anti Defamation League of Bnai 1983
Fleming, Gerald Hitler and the Final Solution H Hamilton 1985
Ford, Corey Donovan of OSS Little, Brown 1970
Ford, Henry International Jew, The
Forster, Arnold Measure of Freedom, A Doubleday 1950
Forster, Arnold, and Benjamin Epstein Troublemakers, The Doubleday 1952
Frank, Anne Anne Frank Doubleday & Company 1967
Frank, Otto M Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl — The Definitive Edition Doubleday 1995
Frankl, Viktor Emil Man’s Search for Meaning Beacon Press 1962
Franklin, Thomas American in Exile, An Christopher Kaylor Co 1987
Freedman, Benjamin Facts are facts Publisher 1954
Friedlander, Albert Out of the Whirlwind Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1968
Friedlander, Saul Nazi Germany and the Jews: Volume 1: The Years of Persecution 1933-1939 HarperCollins 1997
Friedman, Arnold Death was our destiny Vantage Press 1972
Friedman, Ina R Escape or Die Addison-Wesley Pub (Sd) 1982
Friedman, Robert I False Prophet, The Faber and Faber 1990
Friedman, Tuviah Hunter, The Doubleday & Company 1961
Friedman, Tuviah, and David C. Gross Nazi Hunter Tuviah Friedman: Summary of My 42 Years of Hunting Nazis Institute for the Documentation of Nazi War Crimes 1987
Friedrich, Otto Kingdom of Auschwitz, The: 1940-1945 Harper Perennial 1994
Furet, Francois Unanswered Questions Schocken 1989
Gabor, Ebi Blood Tattoo, The Monument Press 1987
Gabor, Georgia M My Destiny: Survivor of the Holocaust Amen Pub Co 1981
Gaer, Joseph Legend of the Wandering Jew, The A Mentor Book 1961
Gallagher, Richard Nuremberg: The Third Reich on trial Avon 1961
Garaudy, Roger Founding Myths of Modern Israel, The Inst for Historical Review 2008
Garcia, Max R As Long As I Remain Alive Portals Pr 1979
Garlinski, Jozef Fighting Auschwitz Fontana Collins 1978
Gellert, Charles Lawrence (compiler) Holocaust, Israel, and the Jews, The: Motion Pictures in the National Archives National Archives Trust Fund Board 1990
Gerard, James W Face to Face With Kaiserism Hodder & Stoughton 1952
Gerber, Albert Benjamin Life of Adolf Hitler, Der Fuehrer’s Complete Story, The Mercury 1961
Gilbert, Martin Atlas of the Holocaust William Morrow 1993
Gilbert, Martin Final Journey Smithmark Pub 1980
Gilbert, Martin Holocaust, The: A history of the Jews of Europe during the Second World War Henry Holt & Co 1986
Gill, Anton Journey Back from Hell, The Avon Books (P) 1990
Glatstein, Jacob, Israel Knox, and Samuel Margoshes Anthology of Holocaust Literature The Jewish Publication Society of America 1969
Glock, Charles, Gertrude Selznick, and Joe Spaeth Apathetic Majority, The Harper Torchbooks 1970
Goebbels, Joseph Communism With the Mask Off Noontide Press 1989
Goebbels, Joseph Final Entries 1945 G.P. Putnam’s Sons 1978
Goebbels, Joseph Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943, The Doubleday & Company 1948
Goldmann, Nahum Autobiography of Nahum Goldmann, The Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1969
Goralski, Robert World War II Almanac 1931-1945 Random House Value Publishing 1987
Gotfryd, Bernard Anton the Dove Fancier Washington Square Press 1990
Gray, Martin, and Max Gallo For Those I Loved Little Brown Company 1984
Grayzel, Solomon History of the Jews, A Signet 1968
Green, Stephen Living by the Sword: America and Israel in the Middle East, 1968-87 Amana Books 1988
Grimstad, Bill Six Million Reconsidered, The Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1977
Grimstad, William Antizion Noontide Press 1985
Grobman, Alex (editor) Genocide, Critical Issues of the Holocaust: A Companion to the film, Genocide Rossel Books 1983
Grobman, Alex, and Daniel Landes Genocide: Critical issues of the Holocaust Simon Wiesenthal Center 1983
Gross, Leonard Last Jews in Berlin, The Simon and Schuster 1982
Grunberger, Richard 12-Year Reich, The: A Social History of Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 Henry Holt & Co 1971
Guderian, Heinz Panzer Leader Noontide Press / Legion for Survival of Freedom 1988
Gunther, John Inside Europe Harper & Brothers 1938
Gutman, Yisrael, Israel Gutman, and Michael Berenbaum Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp Indiana University Press 1994
Gutman, Yisrael Denying the Holocaust Shazar Library
de Haas, Jacob Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge, The Behrman’s Jewish Book House 1938
Hackett, David A Buchenwald Report, The Basic Books 1995
Hadawi, Sami Bitter Harvest, Palestine Between 1914-1979 Caravan Books 1979
Halbreich, Siegfried Before — During — After Vantage Press 1991
Halow, Joseph Innocent at Dachau Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1993
Harris, Whitney Tyranny on Trial Southern Methodist University Press 1954
Hart, Kitty I Am Alive Abelard-Schuman 1961
Harwood, Richard Nuremberg and Other War Crimes Trials Historical Review Press 1978
Harwood, Richard Six Million Lost And Found Historical Review Press
Hashoah, Beit Museum of Tolerance Simon Wiesenthal Center
Hausner, Gideon Justice in Jerusalem Harper & Row 1966
Hay, Peter Ordinary Heroes Putnam Adult 1986
Heiden, Konrad Der Führer Lexington Press, distributed by Houghton Mifflin 1944
Heimler, Eugene Night of the Mist The Vanguard Press 1959
Heinz, Heinz A. Germany’s Hitler Preuss 1976
Helmreich, William B Against All Odds: Holocaust Survivors & the Successful Lives They Made America Simon & Schuster 1992
Hess, Wolf Rudiger My Father Rudolf Hess Star Bks. 1987
Hilberg, Raul Destruction of the European Jews Holmes & Meier Publishers 1985
Hilberg, Raul Destruction of the European Jews, The Quadrangle Books 1961
Hilberg, Raul Destruction of the European Jews, The Holmes & Meier Publishers 1985
Hilberg, Raul Documents of Destruction Quadrangle Books 1971
Hilberg, Raul Perpetrators Victims Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe, 1933-1945 Harpercollins 1992
Hill, Mavis Millicent, and L. Norman Williams Auschwitz in England MacGibbon & Kee 1965
Hillesum, Etty Interrupted Life Washington Square Press 1985
Hitler, Adolf Mein Kampf Tab Books 1999
Hochhuth, Rolf Deputy, The New York: Grove Press, 1964 1964
Hoess, Rudolf, and Steven Paskuly Death Dealer Prometheus Books 1992
Hoffman, Michael, and A.W. Mann Tales of the Holohoax Wiswell Ruffin House 1989
Hoggan, David Myth Of The Six Million, The Noontide Press 1969
Holliday, Laurel Children in the Holocaust and World War II: Their secret Diaries Atria 1995
Hurley, Andrew J. Holocaust II? Saving Israel from Suicide Mission Publishing Company 1991
Hoffman, Michael A. Great Holocaust Trial, The Inst for Historical Review 1985
Hoffman, Michael A. Great Holocaust Trial, The Inst. for Historical Review 1995
Irving, David Apocalypse 1945 Focal Point Publications 1995
Irving, David Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich Focal Point Publications 1997
Irving, David Hess HarperCollins Publishers 1989
Irving, David Hitler’s War and the War Path World War II Books 2002
Irving, David Nuremberg: The Last Battle Focal Point Publications 1996
Irving, David Goring: A Biography William Morrow & Co 1989
Jacobs, Benjamin Dentist of Auschwitz, The: A Memoir Scholarly Book Services Inc 2002
Jaworski, Leon After Fifteen Years Gulf Publishing 1961
John, Robert Behind the Balfour Declaration Institute for Historical Review 1988
Jones, Mitchell Leuchter Report: A Dissection, The 21st Century Logic 1995
Justman, Stewart Jewish Holocaust for Beginners, The Writers & Readers Publishing 1995
Kahane, Meir Never again!: A program for survival Pyramid Books 1972
Kahane, Meir Time to go Home Nash Publishing 1972
Kantor, Alfred Book of Alfred Kantor, The McGraw-Hill Book Company 1971
Kaplan, Chaim Aron Scroll of Agony Macmillan Company 1965
Kaufman, Theodore N. Germany must perish! Liberty Bell Publications 1980
Keeling, Ralph Gruesome Harvest Liberty Bell Publications 1978
Kelley, Douglas M. 22 Cells in Nuremberg Greenberg 1947
Keneally, Thomas Schindler’s List Simon & Schuster 1982
Kessel, Sim Hanged at Auschwitz Stein and Day 1972
Kevin, Pawlowicz, Sala; Klose, I Will Survive W.W. Norton & Company 1962
Kielar, Wiesaw Anus Mundi Times Books 1980
Kinnaird, Clark This must not happen again! Pilot Press — distributed by Howell, Soskin, Inc. 1945
Klarsfeld, Beate Wherever they may be! Vanguard Press 1975
Klarsfeld, Serge Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania, The The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation 1978
Klee, Ernst, Willi Dressen, and Wolker Riess Good Old Days, The The Free Press 1988
Klein, Gerda Weissmann All But My Life Hill and Wang 1995
Knowlton, James Forever in the Shadow of Hitler?: Original Documents of the Historikerstreit, the Controversy Concerning the Singularity of the Holocaust Humanities Press Intl 1993
Koestler, Arthur Thirteenth Tribe, The Random House 1976
Kogan, Eugen Theory and Practice of Hell Berkley Publishing Group 1984
Kogon, Eugen, Mermann Langbein, and Adalbert Rückerl Nazi Mass Murder Yale University Press 1994
Kohn, Murray J Voice of my blood cries out, The Shengold Publishers 1979
Koll, Michael Der Leuchter Kongress Samisdat Publishers 1991
Kolsky, Thomas Jews Against Zionism Temple University Press 1992
Koren, Yehuda, Eilat Negev Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz MJF Books 2013
Korman, Gerd Hunter and Hunted The Viking Press 1973
Kotlar, Helen We Lived in a Grave Shengold Pub 1980
Kowalski, Isaac Secret Press in Nazi Europe, A Central Guide Publishers 1969
Kulaszka, Barbara Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian False News Trial of Ernst Zundel — 1988 Samisdat Publishers, Ltd. 1992
Kuper, Leo, and Ieo Kuper Genocide: Its Political Use in the Twentieth Century Yale Univ Pr 1982
Kuperstein, Isaiah Directory of Holocaust Institutions 1988 Unites States Holocaust 1988
Kuznetsov, Anatoli Babi Yar Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1970
Lacey, Robert Ford: The Men and the Machine Little Brown & Co (T) 1986
Lagnado, Lucette Matalon, and Sheila Cohn Dekel Children of the Flames Penguin Books 1992
Lambert, Gilles Operation Hazalah Bobbs-Merrill Company 1974
Landwehr, Richard Frontfighters Roger Hunt Publisher 1986
Lane, Arthur Bliss I Saw Poland Betrayed: An American ambassador reports to the American people Western Islands 1965
von Lang, Jochen Eichmann Interrogated Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1983
Langer, Lawrence L Art from the Ashes: A Holocaust Anthology Oxford University Press, USA 1995
Langer, Lawrence L Holocaust Testimonies Yale Univ Pr 1991
Lanzmann, Claude Shoah Pantheon 1985
Laqueur, Walter, and Richard Breitman Breaking the Silence Simon & Schuster 1986
Laqueur, Walter, and Richard Breitman Breaking the Silence: The German Who Exposed the Final Solution. Brandeis 1994
Lazare, Bernard Antisemitism, its history and causes Britons 1967
Lee, George Holocaust Mark Twain Media 1998
Lee, Martin A Beast Reawakens, The Little Brown & Co (T) 1997
Leibovitz, Shirley, and Greta Bishop Enduring Spirit, The: The Inspiring True Story of a Holocaust Survivor Gildith Pr 1993
Leitner, Isabella, and Irving A. Leitner Isabella: From Auschwitz to Freedom Anchor 1994
Lengyel, Olga I Survived Hitler’s Ovens Avon Publications 1947
Lenski, Robert Holocaust on Trial, The Reporter Press 1989
Lenz, Friedrich German traitors and treason prior and during World War II Samisdat Pubishers 1952
Leuchter, Fred A. Inside the Auschwitz ‘Gas Chambers’
Leuchter, Fred A. Leuchter Report 1, The David Clark 1988
Leuchter, Fred A. Leuchter Report 2, The
Leuchter, Fred A. Leuchter Report 3, The
Leuchter, Fred A. Leuchter Report 4, The
Levi, Primo If not now, when? Penguin Books 1986
Levi, Primo Moments of reprieve Penguin Books 1987
Levi, Primo Survival in Auschwitz Collier Books 1987
Levin, Nora Holocaust, The Thomas Y. Crowell 1968
Lifton, Robert Jay Nazi Doctors, The: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide Basic Books 2000
Lilienthal, Alfred M Zionist Connection II, The Concord Books 1983
Lindwer, Willy Last Seven Months of Anne Frank, The Pantheon 1991
Linenthal, Edward T Preserving Memory: The Struggle to Create America’s Holocaust Museum Viking Adult 1995
Lipstadt, Deborah E Beyond Belief Free Press 1985
Lipstadt, Deborah E Denying the Holocaust Free Press 1993
Littell, Franklin Hamlin Hyping the Holocaust Cummings & Hathaway 1997
Livingston, Sigmund Must men hate? Crane Press 1944
Lookstein, Haskel Were We Our Brothers’ Keepers? Media Judaica 1985
Lustig, Arnost Night and Hope Avon Books 1976
Malcolm, James A Origins of the Balfour Declaration Inst for Historical Review 1983
Malkin, Peter Z., and Harry Stein Eichmann in My Hands Warner Books 1990
Marcus, Jacob R Rise and Destiny of the German Jew, The Union of American Hebrew Congregations 1934
Marks, Jane Hidden Children, The: Coming to Terms with the Traumatic Legacy of World War II Fawcett 1993
Marrus, Michael R Holocaust in History, The Univ Pr of New England 1987
Marsden, Victor Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, The Publisher 1934
Martin, James Joseph Man Who Invented Genocide, The: The Public Career and Consequences of Raphael Lemkin Institute for Historical Review 1984
Mattogno, Carlo Auschwitz: The end of a legend
Mattogno, Carlo Crematories of Auschwitz, The: A critique of Jean-Claude Pressac Granat Publishing 1995
Mayer, Arno J Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? Pantheon 1990
McCalden, David Exiles from History First Amendment Exercise Machine 1992
McClatchie, Stanley Look to Germany, the heart of Europe Published by H. Hoffman 1937
McDonald, Jim John Demjanjuk: The Real Story Amana Publications 1990
McKee, Alexander Dresden 1945 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 1983
McLaughlin, Michael Death of a City Phoenix Publications 1982
McLaughlin, Michael, and Erich Gritzbach Hermann Goering the Man and His Work Legion for the Survival of Freedom 1986
Mechanicus, Philip Waiting for Death Calder and Boyars 1968
Mechanicus, Philip Year of Fear Hawthorn Books 1968
Mee, Charles L Meeting at Potsdam Andre Deutsch Ltd 1975
Melchior, Ib Quest: Searching for Germany’s Nazi Past — A Young Man’s Story Presidio 1990
Meltzer, Milton Never to Forget HarperCollins 1991
Menuhin, Moshe Decadence of Judaism in our Time, The The Institute for Palestine Studies 1969
Mermelstein, Mel By Bread Alone Crescent Publications 1979
Mermelstein, Mel By Bread Alone Mel Mermelstein 1981
Michel, Jean, and Louis Nucera Dora Holt Rinehart & Winston, NY 1980
Michener, James A Poland: A Novel Random House 1983
Miller, Judith One, by One, by One Simon & Schuster 1990
Morgan, Ted Uncertain Hour, An: The French, the Germans, the Jews, the Klaus Barbie Trial, and the City of Lyon, 1940-1945 Arbor House Publishing 1989
Moskowitz, Sarah Love Despite Hate Schocken 1987
Mosse, George L Crisis In German Ideology, The: Intellectual origins of the Third Reich The Universal Library 1964
Murphy, Brendan Butcher of Lyon, The: The Story of Infamous Nazi Klaus Barbie Empire Books 1983
Museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Fifty Years Ago: Revolt Amid the Darkness — Planning Guide for Commemorative Programs U.S. Holocaust Mem Museum 1993
Necker, Maksymilian Burk Smoke from Auschwitz Chimneys and Other Holocaust Verses Ardor Pub 1989
Neuhäusler, Johannes What was it like in the Concentration Camp at Dachau? Manz A.G. 1960
Nicolov, Nicola M World Conspiracy, The Nicola M. Nicolov 1990
Nilus, Serge Protocols and World Revolution, The Small, Maynard & Company 1920
Noakes, Jeremy, and Geoffrey Pridham Nazism, Volume 1 Schocken 1990
Noakes, Jeremy, and Geoffrey Pridham Nazism, Volume 2 Schocken 1990
Nomberg-Przytyk, Sara Auschwitz: True tales from a grotesque land The University of North Carolina Press 1985
Novick, Peter Holocaust in American Life, The Houghton Mifflin 1999
Nowak, Jan Courier from Warsaw Wayne State Univ Pr 1982
Nyiszli, Miklos Auschwitz: A doctor’s eyewitness account Fawcett 1960
Oberski, Jona, and Joha Oberski Childhood Doubleday Books 1983
Padfield, Peter Himmler Henry Holt & Co 1991
Paget, R. T Manstein: His campaigns and his trial Collins 1951
Passant, E. J. Short History of Germany 1815-1945, A Cambridge Univ Press 1966
Pat, Jacob Ashes and Fire International Universities Press 1947
Payne, Robert Life and death of Adolf Hitler, The Praeger 1973
Pearlman, Moshe Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann, The Simon and Schuster 1963
Persico, Joseph E. Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial Viking Adult 1994
Persico, Joseph E. Piercing the Reich Viking Adult 1979
Pessin, Deborah Jewish People, The: Book Three On Jewish Education 1963
Roth, John Holocaust Chronicle, The Publications International 2000
Pilch, Judah Jewish Catastrophe in Europe, The The American Association for Jewish Education 1968
Polevoi, Boris Final Reckoning, The: Nuremberg Diaries Progress Publishers 1978
Poller, Walter Medical Block, Buchenwald Lyle Stuart 1961
Porter, Carlos Made in Russia: The Holocaust Historical Review Press 1988
Porter, Carlos Not Guilty at Nuremberg Sussex, England
Posner, Gerald, and John Ware Mengele: The Complete Story Publisher 1986
Potter, Lou, William Miles, and Nina Rosenblum Liberators Harcourt 1992
Preissinger, Adrian From Sachsenhausen to Buchenwald: Death Camps of the Soviets 1945-1950 Landpost Press 1993
Pres, Terrence Des Survivor, The: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps Oxford University Press 1976
Pressac, Jean-Claude Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers Beate Klarsfeld Foundation 1989
Raab, Earl Anatomy of Nazism, The The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith 1961
Rabinowitz, Dorothy About the Holocaust … what we know and how we know it The American Jewish Committee 1979
Rashke, Richard Escape from Sobibor: The Heroic Story of the Jews Who Escaped from a Nazi Death Camp Houghton Mifflin (T) 1982
Rassinier, Paul Debunking the genocide myth Noontide Press 1978
Rassinier, Paul Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses, The Institute for Historical Review 1978
Rassinier, Paul Real Eichmann Trial Inst for Historical Review 1980
Raven, Greg Publicity about the Zündel Trials 1981-1991 Samisdat Pubishers 1991
Read, Anthony Kristallnacht Crown 1990
Reed, Douglas Controversy of Zion, The Noontide Press 1987
Rees, Laurence Auschwitz: A New History PublicAffairs 2006
Reitlinger, Gerald Final Solution, The The Beechhurst Press 1953
Review, Institute for Historical Worldwide Growth and Impact of ‘Holocaust’ Revisionism Institute for Historical Review 1985
Reynolds, Quentin, Ephraim Katz, and Zwy Aldouby Minister of Death The Viking Press 1960
Ritt, Eva L., and Tess Wise Bibliography of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida Holocaust Memorial Resource 1990
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