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Gas Chamber Doors — A Comparison in Photos

The room adjacent to the crematory in the Auschwitz Main Camp is said to have been a homicidal Nazi gas chamber. Although there are many reasons why this room was not and could not have been used for mass exterminations, it is sufficient to look only at the doors.

A door from a known homicidal gas chamber

This is a door to the homicidal gas chamber at the penitentiary in Baltimore, Maryland. Note the special construction, sturdy materials, and elaborate latching system.

gas chamber door

Door number 1 from the Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’

The alleged Nazi gas chamber at the Auschwitz main camp has three doorways. This one appears to be made of thin wood, with a regular latch, and no special seal. It is not obvious what about this door would keep the victims and the poison gas inside the alleged gas chamber.

wooden door

Door number 2 from the Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’

At the other end of the room is what appears to be another wooden door, of similar construction to the one above, only with a window (!) in place of the top wooden panel. Remember, this room has been presented to thousands (or perhaps millions) of tourists as being in the same state it was when it functioned as a homicidal gas chamber for the Nazis during the Second World War.

wooden door with window

Doorway number 3 from the Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’

The third opening is just that: an opening, with no door to seal it. This passageway leads to the crematory room in this building, so that after the intended victims escaped, the explosive HCN gas from the Zyklon B could seep out of the room and make contact with the flames of the crematory ovens.

doorway with no door

Auschwitz and the neighboring Birkenau camp are the center of the Holocaust extermination myth, in part because of fakes such as this. Other “gas chambers” in other camps are just as ridiculous. This is why France’s leading Holocaust revisionist Robert Faurisson challenges those who believe the Holocaust extermination myth to “Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber!”

examples of homicidal gas chamber doors
Source: Robert Faurisson. H/T to N.