The Holocaust Historiography Project

From the publisher

This special issue of The Journal of Historical Review includes issues Two, Three and Four of Volume Five, 1984. There is a reason for this. At approximately midnight on the Fourth of July last, the business office and warehouse of the publisher were burned to the ground by arson. Lost in the gutted ruins were the manuscripts and galley proofs destined to be the regular 1984 quarterly issues. These issues thus had to be produced all over again, essentially from scratch — a formidable task that ultimately took more than six months.

What you see before you could be called the “Phoenix” issue of The Journal of Historical Review as it has quite literally risen from the ashes. Regrettably, more than $300,000 worth of historical books, documents, files and equipment were not so fortunate.

This effort to incinerate the assets of the world’s leading publisher of revisionist historical literature was largely successful:

The attempt to break the spirits of those who staff and serve this organization and its goals, however, was not.

Normal issuance of The Journal of Historical Review on a quarterly basis will resume with the Spring 1985 issue (Volume 6, Number 1).

We appreciate your forbearance and look forward enthusiastically to serving you through this publication in the months and years to come.

— The Publisher