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Memorandum to the President


A 13 March 1981 introductory letter and memorandum to President Ronald Reagan, submitted by the U.S. representative of The Arab Higher Committee for Palestine.

Dear Mr. President:

I have always admired you, Mr. President, as a nationalist who is determined to restore the United States to its position of respect and leadership of the Free World in the battle against international communism.

I am one of those numerous Palestinian nationalists who oppose communism and who believe that the greatest danger to human values is the Soviet empire. As you know, that empire is composed of thirteen republics, one hundred nationalities, dominates as colonies nine nations totaling one hundred million people in Central and Eastern Europe, has ninety communist parties throughout the world, and is determined to encourage revolution in every country so as to overthrow governments and make them satellites of the Soviet Union.

Only America can effectively meet the communist challenge, but first you must restore the United States to the rule of law in international affairs, to respect for the rights of peoples to self-determination and freedom and for promoting human rights throughout the world. Anything less will not give this great freedom-loving nation the necessary credibility with the many non-communist nations.

Unfortunately, there is already great disappointment relative to your declarations regarding the Palestinians and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Your attitude is one-sided in favor of Israel. I fully understand your situation because, throughout your adult life, you have had numerous Jewish friends, many of whom are Zionists, and it is apparent you have been exposed to only one side of this dispute. You probably have never had an Arab or Palestinian friend, nor an adequate chance to meet a Palestinian or an Arab to explain to you the Palestinian and Arab point of view.

Accordingly, I respectfully submit to you, Mr. President, the enclosed Memorandum with the hope that you will kindly acquaint yourself with the Palestinian viewpoint.

Mr. President, the American Revolution was one of the first revolutions in the modern world which established by its Declaration of Independence “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The United States was the first country since 1919 to champion the right of self-determination of peoples.

The United States signed at least twenty treaties and declarations which accepted the following principles of international law:

The Conference of American States reiterates, as a fundamental principle of the Public Law of America, that the occupation or acquisition of territory or any other modification or territorial or boundary arrangement obtained through conquest by force or by non-specific means shall not be valid of have legal effect. The pledge of non-recognition of situations arising from the foregoing conditions is an obligation which cannot be avoided either unilaterally or collectively

By promoting and establishing the United Nations, the United States has accepted the principles of the Charter, which outlawed war and conquest, promoted the right of self-determination of peoples and prescribed the rule of law in international affairs.

By promoting and adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United States has pledged to promote the universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

In addition to all the above, the United States as a nation observes a high moral standard and cherishes the maintenance of peace, stability and the rule of law in international affairs.

The only way the United States can deserve to be a leader of the Free World is when it adheres to the above-mentioned principles.

Unfortunately, Mr. President, the United States has violated every one of the above-mentioned principles when it chose to aid and abet the European and American Zionist Jews to occupy the ancestral homeland of the Palestinians and reduce the Palestinians to a refugee nation in exile.

I am sure, Mr. President, when you know the complete facts, you will uphold justice and support the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people. You will uphold their right to live as free people in their ancestral homeland, the restoration to them of their properties and homes, and uphold their dignity and inalienable civil, political, religious and human rights.

It will be the greatest of all your achievements, Mr. President, as leader of this great Christian nation, to restore Palestine to its sacred status as a shrine of peace and justice, where Muslims, Christians and Jews can live as fellow citizens in the democratic Holy Land State with no army, no navy, no air force-a land for pilgrimage, devotion and spiritual inspiration for all mankind.

- Issah Nakhleh

Who Are The Palestinians?

In order to cover up their crime of Genocide against the Palestinians, the Zionists brainwashed the American people about the Palestinians. They portrayed them as the aggressors, terrorists, murderers, fanatic anti-Semite Muslims, who want to throw the Jews into the sea or commit holocaust against Jews. Many Americans do not know that the Palestinians are the victims of aggression and Genocide. They do not know that the Palestinians were expelled from their ancestral homes, lands and properties, and reduced to a refugee nation. They do not know that twenty percent of the Palestinians are Christians who suffered the same fate as their Muslim fellow-citizens. They do not know that the overwhelming majority of the Palestinians, whether Christians or Muslims, are very religious, God-fearing, peaceful people. Most of them are farmers, laborers, professionals and shopkeepers, whose only wish is to live peacefully in their ancestral homeland.

The Palestinians are descendants of all the races which lived and fought or conquered Palestine since time immemorial, namely, the Canaanites, the Moabites, the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Hebrews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Ottomans.

The Palestinians of today are about 4,500,000. Twenty percent of them are Christians (Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants), and eighty percent are Muslims. The Palestinian Christians are descendants of the first Christians who adopted Christianity at the hands of the Apostles. Since the seventh century A.D., Arab language and culture dominated Palestine, and this is why they call themselves Palestinian Arabs.

1,700,000 Palestinians live as refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya. 700,000 live as citizens of Jordan, 700,000 live in Israel as second-class citizens and 1,300,000 live in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and 100,000 live as immigrants in the Americas.

Due to Zionist control of the mass media in the United States, the Palestinians have been smeared as terrorists. The Palastinians are one of the most educated people in the Arab world. There are more professors, lawyers, physicians, dentists, engineers and tear-hers per capita among the Palestinians than in many other nations of the developing world.

The Palestinians Were Recognized As A Provisionally Independent Nation

When World War I broke out, the Palestinians were living under Ottoman rule with representatives in the Ottoman Parliament at Constantinople. Palestinian leaders joined other leaders from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq in fighting for national independence and freedom from Ottoman rule. Palestinians, as other Arab peoples, joined the Allied Powers with the hope of realizing their independence and freedom.

According to Article XXII of the League of Nations Covenant, the Palestinians were recognized “as a provisionally independent nation, subject to rendering of administrative assistance and advice by a Mandatory until they were able to stand alone.”

Great Britain was supposed to obtain a Mandate in 1920 to lead the Palestinians to self-determination and independence. Instead, Great Britain ruled Palestine as a Crown Colony for the benefit of the Jews of the world, because of the Balfour Declaration.

What Is The Balfour Declaration?

The Balfour Declaration was a letter issued on November 2, 1917, sent by Britain’s Secretary of State, James Arthur Balfour, to Lord Rothschild, in which he stated: “His Majesty’s Government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national Jewish home for the Jewish People… It is being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

Great Britain had no connection whatsoever with Palestine in 1917, so why should the British Government promise the Jews of the world a Jewish national home in Palestine? The answer was given by Samuel Landman of London, who was Secretary of the World Zionist organization from 1917-1922. Landman disclosed the facts in an official pamphlet, “Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine,” published by the New Zionist Press, London, 1936.

He stated how the World Zionist Organization in 1916 entered into a secret agreement with the British War Cabinet, by the terms of which Great Britain promised Palestine to the Zionists as payment for using Zionist pressure in the United States to railroad the United States into World War I as Great Britain’s ally.

Mr. Landman states on page 4:

The only way…to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the co-operation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favour of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis.

The 1939 White Paper

For 21 years, Great Britain denied the Palestinians their right to self-determination and independence, but finally issued the White Paper of May 1939, in which it stated, inter alia, the following:

  1. The Proposal of partition recommended by the Royal Commission, namely the establishment of self-supporting independent Arab and Jewish states within Palestine, hasbeenfoundto be impracticable.
  2. His Majesty’s Government now declare unequivocally that it is not part of their policy that Palestine should become a Jewish state. They would indeed regard it as contrary to their obligations to the Arabs under the Mandate, as well as to the assurances which have been given to the Arab people in the past, that the Arab population of Palestine should be made the subjects of a Jewish state against their will.
  3. The independent State should be one in which Arabs and Jews share in government in such a way as to ensure that the essential interests of each community are safe-guarded. The establishment of the independent State will be preceded by a transitional period throughout which His Majesty’s Government will retain responsibility for the government of the country.

The Zionists in Palestine rejected the British White Paper, and revolted against the British administration of Palestine. From 1939 to 1947 the three Zionist terrorist gangs (the Haganah, th a Irgun, and the Stern) carried out the most dastardly crimes and massacres against the civilian Arab population, as wen as against officials of the British government. Many of the political and military leaders in Israel today were members of one of these three Zionist terrorist gangs. Menachem Begin was the leader of the worst of the gangs, namely, the Irgun, which committed thousands of crimes. The most notable and well-remembered of Irgun’s dastardly deeds was the blowing up of the King David Hotel on July 23, 1947, when 91 persons were killed and 45 were injured. Another particularly notable crime was the massacre of Deir Yassin ordered by Menachem Begin, when 300 men, women and children were massacred and their bodies dumped into wells or mass graves.

Yitzhak Shamir was leader of the Stern Gang, which committed murders and massacres. It assassinated Lord Moyne in Cairo and the United Nations mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte in Jerusalem. Moshe Dayan, Yigal Yadin, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Ezer Weizmann and Ariel Sharon were members of the Haganah gang, which committed mass murders and expulsions of the Palestinians.

How The Palestinians Were Made A Refugee Nation In Exile

In 1947, the British Government submitted the Palestine problem to the United Nations General Assembly, requesting that steps be taken to determine the future government of Palestine. At that time, there were in Palestine 1,350,000 Muslim and Christian Palestinians, who were indigenous or born in Palestine and 650,000 Jews, out of whom 200,000 were born in Palestine and 450,000 who were immigrants and mostly illegal immigrants.

On the 29th of November, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly, by 33 votes in favor, 13 opposed, and 10 abstentions, adopted a resolution partitioning Palestine with a total area of 10,435 square miles, of which 272 square miles are water — into three areas:

  1. An Arab State comprising 4,476 square miles, or 42.88%;
  2. A Jewish State, comprising 4,893 square miles, or 56.47%;
  3. An International regime for the City of Jerusalem comprising 68 square miles, or 0.65%.

When the implementation of the Partition Plan appeared to be impossible without the use of force, the United States took the lead in the Security Council, which passed a resolution calling for a special session of the United Nations General Assembly to consider further the question of the future government of Palestine. In the meantime, the United States promoted the idea of establishing a temporary United Nations trusteeship for Palestine. President Truman issued a statement on March 25, 1948, in which he said:

This country vigorously supported the plan for partition with Economic Union recommended by UNSCOP and by GA. We have explored every possibility consistent with basic principles of Charter for giving effect to that solution. Unfortunately, it has become clear that the partition plan cannot be carried out at this time by peaceful means. We could not undertake to impose this solution on the people of Palestine by use of American troops, both on Charter grounds and as a matter of national policy.

During the war between the Palestinians and the Jews in Palestine after November 1947, the three Zionist terrorist gangs committed many massacres against the civilian Arab population. The most notable was the Massacre at Deir Yassin, a suburb of Jerusalem. Under the direct orders and supervision of Menachem Begin, 80% of the population of Deir Yassin, 300 men, women and children, were massacred. Begin’s terrorists then herded the rest of the Arab population into trucks, and paraded them in Jerusalem to create panic amongst the Arab population. In this book, The Revolt, Menachem Begin admits that the objective of that massacre was to drive the Arab civilian population out of the Jewish state.

The Arab states of Syria, Egypt and Transjordan responded to the appeals of the Palestinians to send their armed forces to protect the Palestinians. Unfortunately, due to British influence on some Arab governments, the Arab war effort was sabotaged and the Jews remained in occupation of about 80% of Palestine. When the Armistice Agreements were signed between the illegal Zionist regime, called “Israel,” and Egypt, Lebanon, Transjordan and Syria, the Zionist regime remained in occupation of 7,847 square miles. That was 78.47% of the area of Palestine. The Palestinians remained in control of 2,153 square miles-21.53% of the area. Transjordan unilaterally annexed the West Bank, and Egypt remained in control of the Gaza Strip.

The above indisputable facts prove that so-called “Israel” was established by genocide, by war crimes and crimes against humanity. Using invasion and conquest, European alien Jews violated not only the nati6nal integrity of Palestine, but also the human, civil, political and proprietary rights of the indigenous Muslim and Christian population of Palestine. The Palestinians were deprived of their rights to live in dignity and freedom as a, people in their ancestral homeland, and were reduced to the status of an exiled nation, living in the misery of refugee camps. They were left looking for the day when they could return to their homes, properties and holy places, which they cherish more than life itself.

No people in the world today are subjected to the Naziracist criminal methods of humiliation, persecution, intimidation, oppression, exile, imprisonment, detention, robbery, murder and annihilation except the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians live in a concentration camp style. Palestinian families are being uprooted from their lands, rendered homeless, and Jewish colonies are established on these lands. Over 5,000 Palestinian young men and women are in prisons and camps, tortured and humiliated by Nazi-Zionist methods. Palestinian leaders are being exiled, tortured and humiliated. Palestinian men and women are being daily attacked or murdered by Jewish hooligans; university students are arrested, beaten, detained and universities closed down. Muslim holy places are being desecrated. Harem Sydna Ibrahim Alkhalil in Hebron has been turned into a synagogue. Excavations are being carried out under the Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest places of Islam, as a prelude to claiming the site for rebuilding the Jewish Temple.

Jerusalem Arab inhabitants are being forced to leave the Holy City. Arab lands in and around Jerusalem and in many parts of the West Bank are being usurped to build apartment buildings for Jews in order to complete the Judaization of the Holy City. The facist Zionist leaders are doing everything to complete the annexation and Judaization of the West Bank and Ga'za. In February 1981, the Likud authorities and the zealots of Gush Emunim intensified their activities in usurping a great part of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and the establishment of more Jewish settlements with U.S. tax-free funds supplied by the Jewish Agency.

The Palestine Liberation Organization Is Not A Terrorist Organization

Mr. President, you made several statements during the election campaign and one statement after your inauguration describing the Palestine Liberation Organization as a terrorist organization. With all due respect, these statements are the result of slanted misinformation from Israeli and Zionist-Jewish sources. The official position of the United States reguarding the PLO was established by Henry Kissinger in 1975, in a Memorandum of Agreement with Israel, which states: “The United States will not recognize or negotiate with the PLO so long as the PLO does not recognize Israel’s right to exist and does not accept the Security Council’s Resolutions 242 and 338.”

This statement means that in order for the United States Government to negotiate with or recognize the PLO, the PLO must first recognize the Zionist conquest and occupation of 80% of Palestine, thereby legitimizing the illegal usurpation of the Palestine homeland and dropping all claims by Palestinians to their homes, lands, properties, their right to return to their homeland, and to live in freedom and dignity. For what? In order that the United States representatives talk to PLO representatives. This new brand of United States diplomacy is immoral, unjust, and violates all pricipals of international law. It is typical of the crooked deals concocted by Dr. Henry Kissinger in connivance with Israel.

Dr. Kissinger is a Zionist agent and has dubious connections with international communism. By tying the hands of the United States, in agreements with Israel, Dr. Kissinger was not serving the best interests of the United States but only the interests of his Jewish nation.

The PLO is a Palestinian nationalist organization, composed of engineers, physicians, professors, teachers, businessmen and farmers. It is elected by the 450 members of the Palestine National Assembly, which is the Palestinian Parliament-in Exile. The Palestine Liberation Organization represents the Palestine, Liberation movement, which is determined to free the Palestinians ancestral homeland from the military occupation of European and American Zionist Jews. The goal of the Palestine liberation movement is the restoration of the national and religious rights of the Palestine people to live in dignity and freedom in their ancestral homeland.

Right Of Palestinians To Resist Conquest And Occupation Of Their Homeland And Usurpation Of Their Rights

The people of Palestine are legally entitled to use force in self-defense, to liberate their country from Jewish occupation and subjugation. No one can deny the right of Palestinians presently living in exile, or under Jewish domination, to join the Palestine

resistance movement and participate in the liberation of Palestine. The principles of international law, and the principles of the United Nations Charter outlawed war, outlawed conquest and outlawed military occupations. Aggressive war has become a war crime, and therefore, resistance movements by the people of occupied territories against the aggressors are justified. A resistance movement is fully justified as a struggle by a people for self-preservation.

The resistance movements in the Soviet Union, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Malaya and Burma during the Second World War set the pattern for subjugated nations in their struggle for liberation from the yoke of foreign aggressors. During World War II, all the governments of the “United Nations” gave assistance and encouragement to resistance movements against the Axis aggressors.

The resolutions of the General Assembly in recent years support the legitimacy of the struggle of the Palestine people for national liberation. By its resolution 2160 (XXI) of November 30, 1966, the General Assembly recognized “that peoples subjected to colonial oppression are entitled to seek and receive all support in their struggle which is in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter.” In paragraph B of that resolution, the General Assembly re-affirmed the following: “(B) Any forcible action, direct or indirect, which deprives peoples under foreign domination of their right to self-determination and freedom and independence, and of their right to determine freely their political status and pursue their economic, social and cultural development, constitutes a violation of the Charter of the United Nations. Accordingly, the use of force to deprive peoples of their national identity, as prohibited by the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States, and the Protection of Their Independence Sovereignty contained in General Assembly resolution 2131 (XX), constitutes a violation of their inalienable rights and of the principle of non-intervention.”

Again, by its resolution 2440 (XXIII) of December 19, 1968, the General Assembly re-affirmed “its recognition of the legitimacy of the struggle by the opponents of apartheid to realize their human rights and fundamental freedoms.” By its resolution 2446 (XXIII) of the same date, the General Assembly confirmed “the views of the International Conference on Human Rights, held at Teheran, which recognized and vigorously supported the legitimacy of the struggle of the peoples and patriotic liberation movements in Southern Africa and in colonial territories, in accordance with the relevant United Nations resolutions. “ The United States voted in support of these resolutions.

Therefore, the Palestine Liberation Organization, as representative of the Palestine National Resistance Movement, is recognized as legitimate by international law.

It must be stated here, that under the order of the Palestine Liberation Organization, there are 50,000 Palestinian Freedom Fighters, who are Palestinian men and women born and raised in refugee camps. These young Palestinians are willing to sacrifice their lives in the cause of liberating their homeland, from which their parents were exiled. They are yearning for the day when they will return to the homes and lands of their parents in Palestine.

These men and women and leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization are not terrorists. They are freedom fighters like the patriots of the American Revolution. The Zionist propagandists keep reminding United States public opinion about Jewish women and children who lost their lives when Palestinian guerrillas took a school as a hostage in the settlement of Ma'alot. The Zionists hide the fact that the loss of life was the result of the storming of the building by Jewish armed forces who were mainly responsible for the tragedy which followed.

If the United States Government and politicians brand these incidents as terrorism, why do they not brand as terrorism the massacres of Palestinian and Lebanese women and children, who have been burnt by napalm and destroyed by fragmentation bombs dropped on them by Israelis, using United States airplanes in southern Lebanon? Over 100 such Israeli raids have been conducted since 1967 alone, and over 3,000 Palestinian and Lebanese men, women and children were murdered! Are Palestinian and Lebanese women and children human? Or, are only Jewish women and children human?

If the United Stated Administration and politicians want to be fair and evenhanded, they must brand Israeli political and military leaders as terrorists and war criminals. They invaded Palestine, occupied 80% of that country, expelled and exiled in 1948 more than 1,000,000 Palestinians and robbed them of their homes, properties and all their worldly belongings, and forced them to live in degradation and exile.

Messrs. Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Ariel Sharon, Moshe Dayan, Ezer Weizmann, Yigal Yadeen, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, and all the other political and military leaders of Israel are terrorists and war criminals. They were members of the three Zionist terrorist organizations, the Haganah, the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Gang, which committed terrorism and massacres against the British forces and the Palestinians from 1939 to 1948, such as the Deir Yassin massacre, and the blowing up of the King David Hotel and killing Palestinian men and women.

After the establishment of the so-called State of Israel, Zionist leaders used the armed forces to commit massacres against Palestinian villages throughout the country.

During the 1967 June war, Zionist leaders committed massacres, war crimes, and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian civilians in the occupied areas. The leaders of the Labor Government and the Likud Government sent American airplanes to bomb refugee camps and villages in Lebanon and killed thousands of Palestinian men, women and children.

Americans also became victims of Israeli war crimes when, in June 1967, Israeli airplanes bombed the U.S.S. Liberty which, at the same time, was being torpedoed by the Israeli navy. Forty-two Americans were killed, and 155 Americans were injured. The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was premeditated with the object of preventing it from monitoring Israeli communications, which proved that Israel was the aggressor and started the 1967 war against Egypt.

Even today, Zionist leaders are continuing to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied areas. They have turned the West Bank and Gaza into a concentration camp similar to what the Nazis did in Europe.

Zionist leaders in occupied Palestine are the terrorists. They are the War Criminals, and yet the United States treats them with respect and recognition, while they call the Palestine freedom fighters terrorists.

Lies Spread About The PLO

One of the biggest lies spread by Zionist propagandists to deceive and brainwash American politicians is that the Palestine Liberation Organization collaborates with the Soviet Union, and They say the PLO is financed and armed by the Soviet Union, and any Palestine state that may be established in the West Bank and Gaza will become a Soviet satellite.

These are Zionist fabrications and are made with the object of inciting hostility in the United States against the Palestinians. Not one single ruble is given by the Soviet Union to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The weapons used by the Palestine freedom fighters are either from European origin or Soviet origin. The Soviet weapons were bought by some Arab states, which delivered them to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The reason why Palestinians do not use American weapons is that the United States refuses to sell them these weapons, and Arab countries, buying American weapons, do not deliver these weapons to the Palestinians. If the United States is willing to sell weapons to the Palestinians they will be very glad to buy them at a high price, and not as military assistance-like that given to the Israeli invaders annually at the cost of $2,000,000,000 to the American taxpayer.

Another he spread by Zionist propagandists is that the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinians want to throw the Jews into the sea. According to Zionist logic, European and American Jews have the right to occupy Palestine, expel the Palestinians, and reduce them to a refugee nation, scattered throughout the Middle East, rob them of all their lands, homes and possessions, and the Palestinians have no right, even to return home or resist the invaders. Can the Zionists prove that a Palestinian expelled one Jew from his home? It is the Zionists who threw one million Palestinians into the desert in 1948, expelled many Palestinians after 1967, and now are endeavoring to Judaize the West Bank and Gaza and drive the 1,300,000 Palestinians out of these occupied territories.

What the Palestinians want is not to drive the Jews into the sea, but to return home and live in peace, dignity and freedom in their ancestral homeland. The Palestine Liberation Organization declared its plan for the establishment of a secular Palestine state, where Palestinians of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths can live as fellow citizens, without any discrimination on the ground of race or religion.

The Majority Of Palestinians Are Religious — Against Communism

The overwhelming majority of the Palestinians — Muslims, Christians and Jews — are very religious and devout people, who take pride in the fact that their homeland is a Holy Land, every part of which was sanctified and blessed by all the prophets from Abraham to Jesus and Mohammed.

The Palestinians aspire to live as free people in a holy, democratic state, which will have no army, no navy or airforce. They aspire to restore their Holy Land to its status before Zionist occupation and desecration. The Holy Land must become again the land of serenity, peace, pilgrimage and worship. It is a negation of its sanctity, indeed it is a sacrilege to keep the Holy Land as an armed Zionist camp, with the ugly weapons of destruction bent on massacres, atrocities and war crimes.

The overwhelming majority of Palestinians are against atheism and communism as a philosophy or a way of life, and shall never allow their democratic state of the Holy Land to become a satellite of the Soviet Union of the United States or any other state.

Israel Is A Colonial, Racist, Military Regime Of Apartheid

It is often stated that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. What a farce of statement, to call such a racist regime a democracy, a regime established by genocide, a regime practicing discrimination against Oriental Jews and apartheid against the 700,000 Arabs, the indigenous population of the country, who chose to cling to their land, and who are living as second-class citizens with every type of persecution and oppression, known only in the annals of the Middle Ages! Even their children, who left the country to study abroad, are not permitted to come back, and if they go back to visit their families, they are subjected to such harassment as to force them to leave their country.

What kind of a democracy is this, which daily expels Palestinians and confiscates their homes and lands? What kind of democracy is this which is a state for Jews and only orthodox Jews? Reformed Jews are also discriminated against in this socalled democracy.

Israel is racist because it is built on Talmudic principles which consider Jews as a superrace above all races and peoples. It is reactionary and racist because it maintains that “Israel” is a state for Jews only in accordance with the definition of Halacha, that is, strict Jewish Law. A Jew is defined as a person born of a Jewish mother or who was converted to Judaism in accordance with the strict Halacha rules. Consequently, there is no place for a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Buddhist or of any other religion.

“Israel is a testament to the inability of men to live together,” wrote Look Magazine Senior Editor Robert Moskin, in an article entitled, “ Prejudice in Israel,” in Look Magazine of October 5, 1965.

The Council of the Sephardic Community of Jerusalem in 1965 published a booklet entitled “Danger: Jewish Racialism,” in which it explained the plight of the Oriental Jews in “Israel” and the discrimination and persecution they are subjected to by the European Ashkenazi Jews. It stated: “The oriental Jews are Victims of racial attitudes, Ashkenazi non-democracy, cultural genocide, discrimination in education, and appalling living conditions.”

The orthodox Jews are the dominant sect in Israel. They persecute Reform and Conservative Jews. Reform and Conservative Jews are not permitted to have synagogues, or pray in public places in “Israel.”

The political, legal, religious and social system in the “Jewish State” is based on racial and religious prejudice, discrimination and fanaticism. The “Jewish State” was created for a special class of Jews, namely the Ashkenazi Orthodox Jews.

Jewish fanaticism, prejudice and discrimination against Christians and Muslims stems from the teaching of the Talmud, which abhors Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam recognize the Old Testament and consider Bible prophets as their prophets and teach tolerance and neighborly treatment toward the Jews. The Talmud teaches Jew superiority and exclusivity. It teaches the theory of the “Jew-master-race.” The “Jew-master-race” theory as practiced in Israel dictates that a pure “Jew race” of the Orthodox Jew sect must reign supreme in the “Jewish State” without being interfered with or defiled by the presence of the Gay (i.e., idolators or non-Jews), and without importing Reform and Conservative Judaism to “Israel.”

Zionist racism in occupied Palestine is more extreme than Nazi racism. In Nazi Germany, marriage between Jews and non-Jews was not favored. In the Zionist regime in Palestine, such marriage is prohibited by law. Even marriage between Jews is prevented if the rabbis consider one of the parties is not allowed to marry.

In Nazi Germany, no Jew was prevented from owning or leasing property from a German. In racist occupied Palestine, no Jew may sell or lease a property to a Palestinian or Muslim or Christian.

Palestinians are expelled from their homes, robbed of their properties, persecuted, segregated, and treated as second-class citizens. The following crimes and violations of human rights are committed by Israel against the Palestinians:

  1. Collective and area punishment;
  2. Deportation and expulsion;
  3. Ill-treatment of prisoners and detainees;
  4. Ill-treatment of civilians;
  5. Destruction and demolition of houses and building;
  6. Confiscation and expropriation of property;
  7. Looting and pillage.

Some brainwashed United States politicians under the influence of Zionists usually state, “Israel is a state which shares with us the same values of morality and democracy.” It is a degradation to the high moral Christian values of the United States to be compared to the fanatic Talmudic principles applied by the colonial, racist, military regime of apartheid which is ruled by terrorists and war criminals.

Israel Is A Financial Liability

The United States Administration is endeavoring to cut the United States budget to save billions of dollars from Social Security, medical aid and assistance to the poor. Instead of cutting these billions of dollars necessary for United States citizens, it would be more appropriate if the United States administration cut the $7,000,000,000 which it is giving to Israel every year, either through government, military, economic and food aid, or through tax exemptions to Zionist-Jewish agencies which are collecting tax-free, tax-deductible funds and transferring them to Israel, to assist the Israeli government in perpetuating its occupation of the lands of the Palestinians.

If the United States will immediately stop giving Israel $7 billion every year, it will not be obliged to make the following cuts in the budget, which was prepared by President Reagan:

  • $1.5 billion in child nutrition;
  • $1.2. billion in medical aid;
  • $1.2 billion in extended unemployment benefits;
  • $1.1 billion in social security minimum payments;
  • $803 million in student aid;
  • $550 million in disability insurance;
  • $172 million in cuts for arts and humanities;
  • $43 million in public broadcasting budget;
  • $238 million for youth conservation corps;
  • $220 million for vocational education
  • $7.026 billions

Which is better for the U.S., to finance its social, educational and humanitarian services for its citizens, or to give military and economic assistance to war criminals, to assist them in perpetuating their crimes against the Palestinian people?

Senator Adlai Stevenson stated last year in a speech in the Senate that 71% of United States foreign aid is given to Israel and Egypt, to the detriment of the best interests of the United States. This demonstrates how Israel is a great financial liability to the United States, which is endangering the best interests and national security of the United States in other areas of the world. Instead of giving Israel and Egypt 71 % of its foreign aid, the United States should allocate funds for Latin America and for Asia and Africa, which is being infiltrated by communist agents, to tear them away from the United States and the free world.

Israel is living, and completely dependent on U.S. economic assistance and on funds contributed by Jews from ten other countries. Its high foreign and internal debts make it a bankrupt regime. The high rate of inflation and unemployment, high taxation, the wave of immorality and crime, the corruption in the government and the armed services make this regime an unlivable state. The uncertainty about the future resulted in a high rate of migration. There are at least 500,000 Israelis who fled the country to New York and California. Soviet Jewish immigrants, subsidized by $15 million annually, refuse to go to Israel. So what is the justification for the U.S. squandering $30,000,000,000 of official aid and more than $30,000,000,000 from tax-exempt contributions to build a military racist regime after reducing the Palestinians to a refugee nation.

U.S. Has No Moral Commitment To Israel

It is often said that the United States has a moral commitment to the existence, survival and security of Israel. What kind of a moral commitment could there be for a state established by genocide, by expelling the indigenous population, robbing them of their homes and properties, and by establishing a fanatic, racist regime, which is worse than the apartheid regime in South Africa?

The United States has done all in its power-by word and by deed-to encourage the liquidation of colonialism, imperialism, and the subjugation and exploitation of the right of self-determination of peoples. The United States played a very important role in the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In view of these principles cherished by the United States, how could the United States consider it its moral obligation for the survival of a regime of aggression by European & American Jews, who invaded Palestine, violated the territorial integrity of the country, occupied over 80% of Palestine, expelled over one million of its indigenous population, and, at present, occupies the rest of Palestine and wants to dictate its terms to determine the destiny of the population of the other 20%.

How can this great Christian nation aid and abet the Zionist world criminals to desecrate the Holy Land, turn it into an armed camp?

The Israel-Zionist Watergate

The foundation of the United States Government was shaken, the country experienced a political tremor, a president resigned, and many top government officials were sent to jail because of the scandal of Watergate. All these problems resulted from a simple “breaking-in” to the offices of the National Democratic Party, and an alleged cover-up by the President and his assistants of the said crime.

Israeli agents and Zionist Jews commit in the United States the most heinous crimes, defraud the Treasury of the United States with billions of dollars, and violate many United States laws. The FBI, the CIA and other United States intelligence agencies, the White House and many members of Congress, are all aware of these crimes against the national security of the United States, and yet no one dares to institute serious investigations of take steps to end these crimes and punish the perpetrators. This is, indeed, an Israeli-Zionist Watergate, more serious and catastrophic than the original American Watergate.

What are the elements of the Israeli-Zionist Watergate?

(1) Israeli agents stole 8,000 lbs. of weapon-grade uranium between 1957-1965 through the Nuclear Material and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC), formed by Zalman Shapiro. NUMEC agreed to serve as a “technical consultant, training and procurement agency” for Israel. It formed ISORAD, a subsidiary company half owned by the Israeli government. Through these two companies and Mr. Shapiro, Israeli agents were able to steal and smuggle out of the United States about 8,000 lbs. uranium, which enabled Israel to produce about 14 atomic bombs.

All investigations carried out by The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the CIA, the FBI and other government agencies proved the crime of Israeli agents. The facts were sent to President Lyndon B. Johnson, who ordered the cover-up of these crimes. All subsequent United States administrations were in possession of the facts, but nobody dared open this can of worms because politicians are afraid of Zionist revenge.

(2) Over thirty Zionist and Jewish political organizations obtained by fraud and deceit exemptions from income taxes and the deduction of contributions made to them from taxable income. They have been collecting for the last thirty years over $100,000,000 every year. They spend these fabulous amounts of tax-free, tax-deductible contributions for the following political purposes:

  1. For the control of the United States media of mass communications;
  2. For brainwashing the American people;
  3. For influencing United States elections;
  4. For influencing the United States administration and Congress;
  5. For threatening and blackmailing or economically and socially destroying any American citizen who dares criticize Israel;
  6. For a lobby in Washington for legislation to further the interests of Israel.

The following is a partial list of these organizations which defraud the Treasury of the United States:

B'nai B'rith, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the Conference of Presidents of Major American-Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Labor Committee, the National Conference of Soviet Jewry, the World Jewish Congress, the American Zionist Federation, the World Zionist Organization of America, the Zionist Organization of America.

The Internal Revenue Code entitles “Charitable Organizations” to such exemptions. “Charitable Organizations” are defined as religious and educational organizations, etc. Not one of the Zionist-Jewish organizations which obtained such exemptions is either religious or educational. They are nothing but political, using the fabulous amounts of contributions to dominate the political life of the United States and dictate American policy towards Israel.

(3) The United Jewish Appeal and the Israeli Bonds Organization: These two organizations were formed to collect funds for the State of Israel. The United Jewish Appeal collects every year between $300,000,000 and $500,000,000, and transfers the funds to the United Israel Appeal which, in turn, transfers these funds to the Jewish Agency Incorporated, American Section, (known also as the World Zionist Organization, American Section), which, in turn, transfers the money to the Jewish Agency, Israeli Section. The Land Settlement Department in the World Zionist Organization in Jerusalem plans and finances most of the Jewish settlements which were established in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan Heights, which are considered illegal under international law, according to many resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly, and even according to the declarations of the successive United States administrations since 1967. American tax-free, tax-deductible funds, which are collected for supposedly charitable purposes, are being used by Jews to rob the Palestinians of their lands, necessary for their livelihood, to establish Jewish settlements, and deprive the Palestinians of their livelihood.

The Israel Bond organization is collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States in order to help and subsidize the illegal work of the Israeli government. According to legal technicalities worked out by the lawyers of this organization, all contributions to these bonds are deducted from United States income tax, thereby defrauding the Treasury of the United States. These facts are well known to many members of Congress; why, then, is no investigation made in Congress to expose this fraud? American Christian political organizations would never be able to get away with defrauding the Treasury of the United States in such a manner.

(4) Over 350 Zionist and Jewish organizations obtained tax exemptions and permits for deducting contributions to them from taxable income. They transmit the collected funds to organizations and institutions in Israel, amongst which are political parties, religious schools, the Israeli National Funds (which usurps Palestinian lands), labor organizations, etc. It is estimated that over $500,000,000 are collected every year by these organizations.

United States citizens of Irish and Italian origin number more than 20 and 10 times respectively of Jewish citizens. They do not collect tax-free, tax-deductible funds to be transmitted to Ireland and Italy. If all different nationalities or religious minorities in the United States were allowed to defraud the United States Treasury in the manner in which it is being defrauded by the Zionist-Jewish minority, the United States would become bankrupt. How come only Jewish and Zionist organizations are able to get away with these illegalities and frauds? Who is responsible for this cover-up?

(5) The United States has given Israel the sum of $24.5 billion in economic and military aid from 1949-1980, and $3.4 billion in 1980. It gave Israel the most sophisticated military equipment in the United States arsenal. Israel used these weapons to launch wars of aggression against the Arab countries in 1967 and against Lebanon in 1978. Not one week passes without Israel sending American airplanes to kill men, women and children in southern Lebanon. Using United States weapons, supplied by military aid in such a manner, is a violation of United States laws. The United States successive administrations never enforced these laws against Israel and did nothing more than lodge a friendly reminder to Israeli authorities.

(6) The Mossad — the Israeli intelligence agency — is carrying out illegal and subversive activities against the Arab embassies in Washington, and the Arab missions to the United Nations. It engaged in stealing and smuggling 8,000 lbs. of weapon-grade uranium. It collects secret information and steals technological secrets from United States companies. The United States intelligence agencies, the FBI, the White House, and some leading members of Congress are all aware of the Mossad activities in the United States, and nobody dares to investigate its activities.

The above crimes and cover-up are only a few of many of the crimes committed by Israel and Israeli agents in the United States. The cover-up by the successive United States administrations and members of Congress of these crimes is the greatest scandal in the history of the United States.

(7) There are in the United States over 50 Zionist and Jewish organizations which have branches and agents all over the United States, working for the State of Israel, for Israeli political parties, collecting money for Israel and pressuring the United States Administration and Congress under the instructions of the Israeli government and its Embassy in Washington. Each and all of these organizations, branches, and members are engaged in activities covered by the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and therefore they are under the legal obligation to register as foreign agents.

It will suffice to mention only a few of these organizations: the Presidents Conference (an organization consisting of presidents of 23 Zionist political organizations), the American-Israeli Public Relations Committee, the American Zionist Council, the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the American Jewish Committee, the World Jewish Congress, the Labor Zionist Organization of America, the United Jewish Appeal and the Zionist Organization of America.

Thousands of organizations carrying on activities in the United States on behalf of foreign principals are registered as foreign agents; only these Zionist and Jewish organizations consider themselves above the law, and they do not register. The Justice Department and the FBI are well aware of these facts and yet nobody dares to force these organizations and their members to register as foreign agents.

Israel Is Not A Fulfillment Of Prophecy

In order to justify their occupation of the homeland of the Palestinians, the Zionists brainwashed many people in the United States with many myths and fallacies. One of these myths is that Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy. It is deplorable that some Christian fundamentalists and missionaries, either because of self-interest, corruption, or Bible misinterpretation- propagate and promote this fallacy. The most notorious of these missionaries are Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority, who knowingly perjure their souls in promoting this false teaching.

The Zionists claim that Jews are the Chosen People and God is repatriating his Chosen People to their Promised Land. Their interpretation of the Bible ignores the coming of Jesus Christ, and that these promises were fulfilled with the return of the Jews from Babylonian captivity. The Talmudist interpretation of the Old Testament ignores the New Testament and the Christian doctrine. The Talmudists claim that Biblical promises were given to Abraham and his seed, and that they are heirs to that promise. This, statement ignores the fact that -the Arabs are also the seed of Abraham. Moreover, it ignores the interpretation of St. Paul, in his Epistle to the Galatians. In chapter 3, verse 14, St. Paul states: “That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.” In verse 16, St. Paul states: “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.” St. Paul sums up the subject in verses 26-29, as follows: “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham’s seed, the heirs according to the promise.”

It must be stated here that the Palestinians- Christians and Muslims- adore Jesus Christ. Jesus and His Mother are mentioned in many Suras of the Koran with great veneration. This is in contrast to Talmudist Jews, who are returning to “The Promised Land,” who spout against Jesus and His venerated mother the worst calumnies.

Israel Is Not A Strategic Asset For The United States

Many American politicians are brainwashed by Zionist propagandists into thinking and stating “Israel is a strategic asset.” A well-informed United States politician, who once was a member of the Cabinet and played many important roles in government, commented on this matter as follows: “I always think to myself, what will happen if I awake one morning and learn that Israel does not exist any more, due to a great earthquake? I do not think that this will matter to me or to anyone in the United States. But what will happen if I awake one morning and I learn that Saudi Arabia has disappeared from the earth? I shall be, and every American will by extremely shaken, because the whole Western economy and Western civilization will be destroyed overnight.” This statement in its simplicity demonstrates that it is the Arab world and not Israel which is the strategic asset for the United States.

The fallacy that Israel is a strategic asset has been promoted by certain retired United States officers who were, and are still, working for the Israeli lobby. They spread the lie that Israel is a strategic asset against Soviet ambitions to dominate the Middle East. Yet, it is the existence of an illegal and expansionist Israel that permits Soviet gains in the region.

The claim that Israel has “the best army in the world” is a piece of psychological war propaganda spread by the Zionists and their agents to prevent the Arabs from carrying out their military struggle against Israel. Let us examine the facts.

During the war between the Palestinians and the Zionist armed forces in 1947-48, the Palestinians won every battle against the Zionist armed forces, and they were in control of most of the country, in spite of the fact that Palestinians were ill-armed and ill-equipped. It was due to the military assistance of British forces and to the air-lifting of Soviet weapons to Tel Aviv by Czechoslovakia in 1948 that Zionist forces were able to commit massacres against Palestinians, drive over 1,000,000 Palestinians from their homes, and occupy 80% of Palestine.

In 1956, it was British and French armed forces which aided and abetted Israeli forces to occupy the Sinai Peninsula.

In 1967, Egypt was not prepared for war. President Gamul Abdul Nasser moved his forces as a propaganda ploy to pressure President Lyndon B. Johnson to renew the economic aid agreement with Egypt. The Zionists pressured President Johnson to refuse to renew the economic aid to Egypt in order to arouse Gamul Abdul Nasser. The Zionists were predicting the steps which Abdul Nasser would take as a bluff and were preparing to launch their attack to crush Egypt’s military power before the Egyptians perfected their training on the use of Soviet weapons. At the same time, the Zionists were executing their plan of expansion, to occupy the West Bank and Gaza and other parts of the Arab world, in accordance with the Zionist colonial program. Israel was planning its attack while Abdul Nasser was being lulled into slumber by American and Soviet intelligence agencies, each one for its own motives

The proof that Egypt was not prepared or preparing for war is the fact that, in the evening of June 4, 1967, a party was held for the airforce graduates in Anshas (former Farouk palace and gardens), where practically every important officer in the Egyptian airforce and all its commanders were present in that party until the early hours of the morning of June 5, when the Israelis attacked at 4 a.m. According to unimpeachable evidence in our possession, Egyptian agents of the Israeli intelligence were able to put LSD in the drinks and coffee served to most important officers and top command of the Egyptian airforce. When Israeli airplanes struck at 4 a.m. on the morning of June 5, most of the Egyptian airforce officers were asleep and incapacitated by LSD.

We have also unimpeachable evidence that the Israeli airplanes dropped LSD-25, a nerve gas, on Egyptian forces in Sinai and on Egyptian military airports, and were able to incapacitate the Egyptian armed forces. These facts prove that the Israeli armed forces won the 1967 war by deception, conspiracy, and using the LSD-25 nerve gas. This does not make the Israeli army “the best in the world.”

During the first stage of the 1973 war, Israeli armed forces in the Sinai and the Golan Heights were defeated, and Israel would have been completely defeated had it not been for the United States' intervention due to the efforts of the Zionist fanatic, Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was instrumental in airlifting to Israel most of the military equipment and ammunition.

In a memorandum prepared by Dr. Kissinger about a meeting he had with Jewish leaders in the Hotel Pierre, New York on June 15,1975, Dr. Kissinger reveals the following:

  • The United States saved Israel from collapse at the end of the first week (of the 1973 war) by our arms supply.
  • What was our strategy in 1973? First, we sought to break the Arab united front. Also we wanted to ensure that the Europeans and Japanese did not get involved in the diplomacy; and of course we wanted to keep the Soviets out of the diplomatic arena. Finally, we sought a situation which would enable Israel to deal separately with each of its neighbors.
  • What we wanted was the most massive Arab defeat possible so that it would be clear to the Arabs that they would get nowhere with dependence on the Soviets.
  • We maintain that Israel is nothing but a paper tiger. This military reputation, as having the best army in the world, is nothing but a piece of psychological warfare propaganda. It is true that the United States supplied Israel with large arsenals of ultra-modern military weapons, but this does not make Israel invincible. It is also true that the Israeli airforce has the most modern American bombers and fighters, equipped with the most sophisticated electronic weapon systems and countermeasures. This makes Israel more effective against the inferior Syrian, Egyptian- and Jordanian bombers and fighters, with no sophisticated electronic weapon systems. Both the Soviet Union and the United States deny Arab countries the most modern airplanes and weapon systems. These facts do not credit the Israeli airforce with excellence per se, because the battle is not between equals and is only between a small cannon and a missile.

The production of atomic weapons by Israel was not the result of its technology. The French built the atomic reactor in Dimona in 1956 in exchange for Israel’s giving the French government the secrets of the atomic bomb, stolen by American Jewish scientists and delivered to David Ben-Gurion. Shimon Peres, as envoy of Ben-Gurion, played an important role in the secret negotiations with France.

From 1957-1965, Israeli agents stole from United States atomic plants 8,000 lbs. of weapon-grade uranium. Israeli agents hijacked a ship in Europe with a great load of enriched uranium. These facts prove that Israel became a member of the atomic club, not because of its advanced technology, but because of stealing, smuggling and piracy.

The technological base of Israel is built by European and American Jews who steal technological secrets from the United States and Europe and give them gratis to their co-religionists in Israel.

What do the Zionist propagandists and U.S. politicians mean by stating that “Israel is a strategic asset"? Do American politicians who promote this fallacy really believe that Israel will be able to assist the United States in defeating the Soviet Union in the Middle East? Or do they plan to use Israel in wars against the Arab states? Or do they intend to execute the conspiracy advocated by Zionist writers in the United States and promoted by Zionist propagandists on radio and television to launch a war and occupy the Arab oilfields in order to solve the energy crises? If United States politicia4s dare to implement any of these reckless Zionist plans (promoted by Israel and its agents), they will be destroying American interests in the Middle East and leading the western world into a catastrophe. The only beneficiary of such foolish, reckless acts will be the Soviet Union.

We maintain that Israel is not an asset. It is nothing but a strategic liability. If United States Middle East policy continues to be dictated by Israel, the United States one day will be forced to choose between Israel on the one hand and the Arab and Muslim world on the other. The result for the United States is very obvious.

The Palestinians are not deceived or taken in by the psychological warfare propaganda that the “Israeli army is the best in the world.” The Palestinian freedom fighters, with inferior weapons, met the Israeli army in Jordan in 1969-70, and in southern Lebanon in 1978, and inflicted on that “invincible and best army in the world” great defeats in many battles, when the Israeli army withdrew frantically, carrying with it hundreds of its casualties.

The Palestinians are determined one day to enter into decisive battle with that “invincible army” when they are able to obtain at least similar weapons.

Israelis believe that having 14 or 15 atomic weapons is a guarantee of their security. This is the reason for their bombastic arrogance and defiance, but it is a short-sighted and a catastrophic attitude.

Some Arab states and even the Palestinians may soon be in possession of nuclear weapons. It would take only one atomic bomb to destroy Israel, but it would take more than 100 atomic bombs to destroy the Arab world. By foolishly introducing atomic weapons in the Middle East by thievery, smuggling and piracy, the Israelis are only dooming themselves and not the Arab countries.

The United States Cannot Afford To Ignore The Resolutions Adopted In The Third Summit Confrence

The third Islamic Summit Conference was held in Holy Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on the 25-28 January, 1981, under the motto: The Session of Palestine and Holy Jerusalem. The Conference was attended by the heads of 38 Muslim states and their assistants, and adopted, inter alia, the following important important resolutions:

1. Holy Jerusalem: The program of basic action to confront the Zionist enemy: the commitment to the liberation of Arab Jerusalem to make it the capital of the Palestinian state and the call on all states of the world to respect the UN resolutions against dealings with the Israeli occupation authorities, which would give those authorities an excuse to say that such dealings were an implied recognition or an acceptance of the fait acompli which they imposed by declaring Jerusalem a united capital of “the Zionist entity.”

The conference decided to use all economic potentials and natural resources 'of the Islamic states to weaken the Israeli economy and halt the financial, economic and political backing which Israel is obtaining, and to work to change the international political stances in favor of the Palestinian people and to back the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

2. The question of Palestine and the Middle East: the conference decided to consider the question of Palestine as the core of the problem of the Middle East and number one issue of the Islamic nation. It affirms the commitment to liberate all the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories, to refuse to accept any situation that would encroach on the Arab sovereignty of the holy city of Jerusalem and not to allow any Arab or Islamic side to resort alone to solve the Palestinian question and the issues of the occupied Arab territories.

It affirmed that just peace in the Middle East region cannot possibly be established except on the basis of Israel’s total and unconditional withdrawal from all the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories and the Palestinian people, including their right to return, to self-determination and to the establishment of their independent state on the land of Palestine under the leadership of the PLO.

It decided to continue resisting the Camp David agreement and to consider Security Council Resolution 242 as inconsistent with the Palestinian and the Arab rights and as not forming a suitable basis for solving the Middle East crisis and the question of Palestine.

It decided that the Islamic states will be committed to the use of all their military, political, and economic potentials and natural resources, including oil, as an effective means to back the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation and in order to confront the states which back the Zionist entity militarily, economically and politically. It called on the EEC states to fulfill their undertakings not to put into effect their economic bilateral and collective agreements with Israel on the occupied Palestinian Arab territories.

The Conference also adopted the Mecca Declaration, which Stated:

Realizing that Muslims are, in the world of today, being subjected to many injustices and surrounded by various threats due to a logic of force and aggression, and to an intensification of the use of violence in international relations; and knowing that Islam permits to those who believe in it and to others only right and justice, and offers to those who do not fight us in our religion who do not drive us out from our homes and do not violate our sanctities only piety and fairness; and as Islam does not believe in complacence toward the unrighteous and in acceptance of injustice and oppression, we reaffirm in the face of Zionist aggression that has usurped the land of Palestine and the other occupied territories our determination to counter this aggression, its schemes and practices with a comprehensive resistance. We also reject and denounce the policies which make this aggression possible and which extend to it political and economic aid, manpower and military aid.

We also reject any initiative that does not adopt the Palestinian option, which consists in a just settlement to the Palestinian question based on the reestablishment of the unquestionable national rights of the Palestinian people, including its right to return, to self-determination and to set up an independent Palestinian state on its national territory, under the leadership of the PLO, its sole legitimate representative.

We also reject any attempt to put pressure on us or on any other state of the world in order to accept a fait acompli and a capitulation to unjust solutions.

We assert out determination to confront aggression and pressures by all means and to make preparations for a jibed for the liberation of the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories and the sanctities and for the restoration of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people which have been asserted by the international legality and by the UN resolutions connected with the question of Palestine.

We consider the provocations committed against the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and the transgressions on the Islamic and Christian sanctities in occupied Palestine and on the religious and inalienable national rights of the people of Palestine and the continuation of transgression represented in the decisions to annex Jerusalem and to usurp it from its lawful owners as grave reasons that prompt us to adopt a firm stand to reject this transgression and to condemn those who support it and to stand in the face of everyone who condones it or recognizes it.

Therefore we pledge a jihad with the means we possess for the liberation of Jerusalem and to make this liberation, the principle Islamic issue, the responsibility of this generation of our nation, so that, with God’s help, Jerusalem will be liberated together with the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories and returned to their lawful owners.

We wish to draw the United States' attention to the following paragraph of the Resolution of the Islamic Summit Conference:

It decided that the Islamic states will be committed to the use of all their military, political, and economic potentials and natural resources, including oil, as an effective means to back the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation in order to confront the states which back the Zionist entity militarily, economically and politically. It called on the EEC states to fulfill their undertakings not to put into effect their economic bilateral and collective agreements with Israel on the occupied Palestinian Arab territories.

Should the United States continue the one-sided policy dictated by the Israeli-Zionist lobby, it would find itself in confrontation with the Arab world and the Muslim world, both of which are under the obligation to use their military, political and economic potential and national resources, including oil, to confront the states which back up the Zionist state militarily, economically and politically, and that means the United States of America.

In using their economic resources and potentials as a weapon, the Arab and Muslim states will be taking a page from the United States book. They will be following the United States' example which used and is using its military, political, economic potential and natural resources as instruments of its foreign policy. For instance:

  • U.S. grain embargo against the Soviet Union;
  • U.S. economic boycott of Cuba;
  • U.S. has consistently used the policy of supplying arms, either by sales or grants, as means of furthering its national security;
  • U.S. refused to sell arms to a state on the ground that the human rights record of that state did not meet White House or S tate Department standards, or that a state' . s politics are not enough in agreement with American positions. (Of course, Israel has always been excluded from these restrictions.);
  • Turkey suffered an American arms embargo for three years because of its action in Cyprus;
  • Placing restrictions on the use of the Hawk missiles by Jordan, and refusing to sell Jordan certain weapons because Jordan does not support the Camp David Agreement;
  • Argentina was suspended from U.S. military sales in 1978 because of U.S. opposition to its Human Rights l$oficy;
  • Guatemala, El Salvador, Somoza’s Nicaragua, and now revolutionary Nicaragua Were denied U.S. weapons;
  • Both Uruguay and Chile have been denied even basic police weapons;
  • U.S. pressured France and West Germany for supplying Brazil with nuclear equipment and technology;
  • U.S. has pressured France to prevent her from supplying Iraq or Pakistan with nuclear equipment or technology;
  • U.S. reduced economic and military aid to Pakistan to prevent that country from developing its nuclear capability;
  • U.S. denied delivering to Libya the C-130 transport planes which were bought and paid for because Libya supports the Palestinians and other liberation movements;
  • U.S. influenced the Export-Import Bank and the World Bank to reduce or deny funds to countries in political disagreement with the U.S.;
  • The entire concept of most favored nation treatment is to reward those countries favorable to the U.S.A. or to influence them to do or not to do certain things.

Should the Arab and Muslim states apply United States standards of policy and precedents against the United States becuase of its support for Israel, they may adopt a resolution to implement the resolutions of the Islamic Conference and may tell the United States as follows:

We call upon the United States to stop helping Israel economically, militarily and politically, thereby aiding and abetting Israel in its illegal occupation of Arab lands and the usurpation of the homeland and rights of the Palestine people, and we call upon the United States to cooperate in the United Nations to pressure Israel to withdraw from all occupies Arab territories and to resolve the Palestine problem according to the principles of international law and justice.

Should the United States refuse to cooperate in finding a permanent and just solution for the Palestine problem and the Middle East problem, the Arab and Muslim states shall do the following:

  • Reduce their joint production of oil by 10,000,000 bbls/day;
  • Stop supporting the United States dollar and cease buying U.S. Treasury bonds;
  • Impose an oil embargo against the United States;
  • Declare an economic boycott of the United States by ceasing to buy any United States equipment and products, and to cancel all contracts with the United States companies.

What shall the United States do if it were to be confronted in such a manner by the Arab and Muslim states? Will it declare war on the Arab and Islamic states? Would it use Israeli armed forces (as many Zionist leaders urge on American politicians in private) to occupy the Arab oilfields? Would the United States carry out such reckless, mad plans? or would the United States act as a responsible, honorable leader of the Free World and protect its best interests and national security by taking the following course:

  • End its isolation with Israel in the United Nations;
  • Uphold the principles of international law, morality and justice, and stop supporting the illegal and immoral Zionist conquest and occupation of the homeland of the Palestinians;
  • Declare its evenhandedness and stop all sales of arms and the giving of economic aid to Israel, Jordan, Syria and Egypt, the belligerent opponents in the Middle East;
  • join hands with the 110 United Nations members which support the right of self-determiation of the Palestinian people to solve the Palestine problem in accordance with international law and justice, the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Should the United States take the latter course, it will win the friendship, support and alliance of the Arab and Muslim world and it will serve the best interests and national security of the United States. By adopting such a position, the United States will restore itself to the position of respect and leadership of the Free World and the United Nations instead of being isolated in the United Nations with Israel. Furthermore, the United States will win the support of the overwhelming number of United Nations members against Soviet subversion, expansion and aggression, in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The United States will then win the economic cooperation of the Arab world and Muslim world, which may lead to the solution of the key economic problems of the Western world.

More importantly, however, the United States will be restored to its traditional position as the champion of self-determination thereby making America a true leader of the Free World in the battle against the international communist conspiracy.

How Can The United States Assist In Establishing A Just And Permanent Peace In The Middle East?

The key to peace in the Middle East is in the hands of the United States, which must act justly in accordance with its legal and moral obligations under international law, the United Nations Charter and the principles it has always cherished and adopted in its foreign policy, namely, upholding the following:

  • The principle of self-determination of peoples;
  • That the occupation or acquisition of territory obtained through conquest by force of non-pacific means shall not be valid or have any legal effect. The pledge of non-recognition of situations arising from the forgoing conditions is an obligation which cannot be avoided, either unilaterally or collectively;
  • That no people have any right to commit genocide against other people, expel them from their homeland, rob them of their homes, properties and all their worldly belongings and violate their inalienable rights;
  • Promotion and respect for human rights.

A Plan For Peace

1. The United States should issue a statement under the title DECLARATION OF PEACE FOR THE MIDDLE PEACE, stating the following:

  • That it is important for the well-being, safety and future of the peoples of the Middle East to put an end to all belligerent acts and wars and establish permanent peace based on justice and the right of self-determination of peoples and respect for the inalienable rights and human rights of all the peoples in the area;
  • That peace in the Middle East will serve the best interests of not only the peoples of the area but of all freedom-loving peoples throughout the world, and will serve the cause of international peace and security as prescribed by the United Nations Charter;
  • As a first step towards peace, the United States shall follow an even-handed policy in the Middle East, based on the following principles:
  • Complete neutrality;
  • Suspension of all military sales and military shipments for 36 months to the belligerent states in the Middle East, namely, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon;
  • Suspension of all economic aid to the above-named countries for the same period of 36 months, except for-humanitarian causes.

2. The United States should consult with the other four permanent members of, the Security Council and request a Special Session to implement a Middle East peace plan on the following lines:

  • The Security Council must obtain a declaration from Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon undertaking to stop all military and paramilitary actions or threats of such actions against each other for a period of 36 months;
  • The Security Council should follow the precedent adopted by the Security Council and the General Assembly in 1957 by calling upon Israel to unconditionally withdraw all its armed forces from all the areas it occupied in 1967, namely, the Sanai Penninsula, the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza.
  • This action by the Security Council is in conformity with what President Eisenhower laid down as the rule of law in such a situation. He stated in his speech in 1957 the following: “Israel seeks something more. It insists on firm guarantees as a condition of withdrawing its forces of invasion. This raises a question of principle. Should a nation which attacks and occupies foreign territory be allowed to impose conditions on its own withdrawal? If the United Nations once admits that international disputes can be settled by using force, then we will have destroyed the very foundation of the organization and our best hope of establishing a world order.”
  • This declaration of international law by the President of the United States in 1957 makes the Camp David Agreement between Israel and Egypt null and void. President Carter imposed that agreement on Egypt by undue influence in violation of the sovereignty of Egypt. Egypt was forced to submit to conditions which violate its traditions, its principles, its best interests and its sovereignty, and allowed Israel to continue the occupation of some parts of Sinai until 1982. All these conditions are null and void, and therefore Israel must immediately and completely withdraw from the territory of Egypt;
  • Immediately after Israel withdraws its forces to the borders of June 4, 1967, the Security Council shall appoint a commission composed of six members of the Security Council and the Holy See to be named THE PALESTINE PEACE COMMISSION, and entrusted with the task of finding a solution to the Palestine problem within six months;

The Palestine Peace Commission shall ascertain the wishes of the Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs about the following matters:

Can the Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews live together in the Holy Land state which shall be:

A unitary state?; or

A state of federal cantons, as in Switzerland?

How can Palestine be made again the Holy Land of Peace, open for the pilgrimage of peoples of all faiths?

How can the Palestine refugees return home and take possession of their homes and properties in Palestine?

How can Muslims, Jews and Christians live peacefully as fellow citizens in the Holy Land state, with dignity, with human rights and with freedom for all?

Whether the Holy Land state and Jordan should enter into a federation or a confederation?

After the Palestine Peace Commission submits its report and recommendations to the Security Council, and a solution is approved, it must be enforced by the force of world public opinion and through the powers entrusted to the United Nations Security Council.

This is the only road to a permanent, just and workable peace in Palestine and the Middle East. All attempts to perpetuate the present situation established by war and conquest and injustice will only lead to more wars and bloodshed. All proposals to confirm the fait accompli of Israeli occupation of any part of the Arab territories, provide security guarantees for the Israeli occupiers, and postpone a just solution of the Palestine problem in all its aspects will only postpone the decisive bloody battle between Jews and Arabs, which may lead to a nuclear holocaust.

No solution can be just or permanent if it fails to redress the injustice committed against the Palestinians. Palestine Arabs and Palestine Jews must live as fellow citizens in a Holy Land of peace which should become “a beacon light” for all the civilized world.