The Holocaust Historiography Project

A Note From The Editor

With the recent (second) fire-bombing of the IHR offices, one could say that this — our first 128 page Journal of Historical Review — has been launched with a real bang!

Our gain is substantial and lasting. That of the “Jewish Defenders” was but a moment of typical destructive glee.

How invidious the minds must be that perpetrate or even sympathize with these juvenile, frantic acts of cowardly violence. Are they capable of perceiving the damage they're doing to their very own causus belli? Or is that their unannounced intention?

When revisionists wreak havoc on the opposition, we at least take the civilized route of open debate. That, in fact, is one of the more regenerative qualities of the literature we make available. Typically, though, this approach carries little weight with the unsocial-minded who can only screech in turbulent protest, slander, and toss explosives in the night.

But bombs don’t obliterate truth. They only serve to ignite the quest for it. Threats and public demonstrations of victimitis won’t frighten or emote the facts away. Smears and calculated mendacity can’t negate the inescapable conclusions of honest researchers.

No, their truculence isn’t working so well. The simple and total media blackout of years ago was a far more effective device. And we say this even at the risk of having the suggestion taken seriously. But it’s too late to revert, we think, and we might just have open warfare on our hands, no doubt to make history safe for democracy.

But in the meantime we have a new and greater Journal of Historical Review to introduce.

Dr. Robert Faurisson is with us again. We think you'll find the long-awaited translation of his extensive work on the Anne Frank Diary as potent as it is pure joy to read.

Complimenting that are several of the papers delivered at the IHR’s annual conference last November: Dr. Weber offers his insights into the benefits accruing to the non-Jewish propagators of the extermination thesis; Dr. Andronescu writes on the pumped-up Holocaust statistics attributed to his native Romania; Dr. Larson gives us some very interesting background on the Dead Sea Scrolls; and Sam Konkin looks at the war to come in El Salvador.

Let us know what you think.