The Holocaust Historiography Project

$50,000 Reward!

Offered by the Institute for Historical Review

You are being grossly misinformed today on a vital historical issue — an issue which, because of the threatened repercussions, is almost impossible to challenge.

It has literally been made into a sacred issue; the dogma of the age. Implanted in your psyche by a resolute media blitz of incredible proportions, either you accept it as given in all its myriad allegations or you keep your doubts to yourself.

You can publicly argue, refute or ridicule anything else you wish — anything at all. But you must take extreme care not to openly question what has been thrust upon you as “the most awesome, unspeakable event in history” — an event alleged to have occurred over 35 years ago and because of which the western world should forever debase itself in shameful regret: The “Holocaust".

What exactly are we talking about here — this “Holocaust?” What’s the anatomy of it? Why is every attempt to delve into its true nature met with such raging counter-attack? Why does one literally take one’s own life into one’s hands by simply pointing out that the “Holocaust” allegations just do not fit the facts?

Clobbering the Public with 'History'

At the bottom of this “Holocaust” issue are situated three essential arguments supposedly supported by “irrefutable” historical evidence. They are as follows:

  1. the contention that “six million Jews” were put to death by the Nazis during World War II,
  2. that these deaths were part of a carefully contrived and deliberately executed plan to exterminate European Jewry, and
  3. that this alleged extermination was made possible largely by the use of poison “gas chambers.”

The average American might just be moved to accept these allegations without question, for he is confronted with them day after day. They jump out at him from his daily newspaper, from the shelves of his bookstore, from movie screens, television and magazines.

Every day more and more “survivors” are warning us of the “death camps.” Nazi “war criminals” are forever it seems being, hunted down and prosecuted. Protesters are filmed screaming “Six Million Never Again!". The emotional impact is almost overwhelming.

Hollywood movie stars who've never even read a book on the subject are engaged to reassure us it’s all just like they say. Holocaust museums and institutes are erected the world over, often with taxpayers money, to make sure we “Never Forget” and never question.

But there are some whose curiosity and devotion to the truth cannot be drowned-out by this veritable rip-tide of “Holocaustomania.”

Getting the Facts in Hand

There is Dr. Robert Faurisson, for example, who, after years of applying his university training in text and document criticism to this very issue proclaimed, “The alleged gassing and the alleged Jewish genocide are only, one and the same historic lie which has permitted a gigantic political-financial swindle.”

Professor Paul Rassinier, a man arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 because of his French Resistance activities, who was interned in Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps and who later wrote Debunking the Genocide Myth, declared after years of independent research that the “Holocaust” allegations represented “The greatest fraud of all time.”

There is Dr. A. R. Butz who embarked in 1971 on a meticulous search for evidence of the claims that took him all the way to Europe in 1973. He had carefully sifted through thousands of documents including those of the famous Nuremberg Trials. He had calmly studied all the arguments of the major extermination theorists, researching the same sources they had used. Then, with the facts in hand, Dr. Butz, in 1976, published the most comprehensive study to date on the “Holocaust,” titled simply, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.

These are but a few of the men who have been confronted by a suspicious-sounding story and decided to look deeper; they simply refused to accept what on the face of it seemed absurd to them.

The Institute’s Original Reward

The Institute for Historical, Review (IHR) was founded in 1978 so that the work of these and other revisionist researchers would not go unnoticed.

Well aware of the evidence on both sides of the issue, the IHR, in 1979, announced a $50,000 reward for proof of gassings. The offer expired with no serious claimants but was re-opened to an Auschwitz internee who had publicly called those associated with the IHR, “bigots.” He, of course, had never witnessed a “gassing.” His “proof” consisted of some museum artifacts along with his own testimony and those of persons who were either dead or their whereabouts unknown.

The IHR was interested in proof of gassings. This claimant was interested in suing the IHR for $17 million, which he did, claiming “injurious denial of established fact.”

But still, no one came forward with proof of gassings. True, the court, under intense pressure, did take “judicial notice” of gassings at Auschwitz, but what did that prove? The court refused to cite any sources it claimed to have used in arriving at its unprecedented decree, obviously never even having considered the numerous and readily available revisionist sources.

The New Reward Offer

To illustrate that the matter of the “gas chambers” is still unsettled, a new reward offer was carefully considered and discussed, and on 1 April 1982 the IHR announced its new offer to pay “$50,000 to anyone who can prove that gas chambers for the purpose of killing human beings existed at or in Auschwitz Concentration Camp during World War II."

In conjunction with this reward offer, the sum of $50,000 will be deposited in a trust account in a commercial financial institution. The details of the claim procedure are spelled out in the Official Claim Form available from the IHR for a stamped, self-addressed envelope. All reward claims and IHR action on them will be of public record and available for inspection by the press and qualified researchers.

This is not a publicity gimmick. We're dead serious. This reward offer represents our answer to the unconscionable emotionalism surrounding the entire issue of the “Holocaust.” Our purpose here is to force an airing of the facts, because until this is done, the decent people of I this nation will continue to be victimized by possibly the most viciously indelible propaganda campaign this world has ever known.

Holocaust Myths Affect You

We view the distinguishing allegations of the “Holocaust” to be not only false and misleading, but eminently dangerous to the United States and her future.

As responsible historical researchers and publishers, we believe Americans have a right to be made aware of the pitted fabric of the “Holocaust” story, how and why it has been purposely proliferated and who suffers by it.

How does such a campaign of fabrication affect you as a citizen, a taxpayer, a thinker? Consider the billions upon billions of your tax dollars given annually to prop up the state of Israel, a state controlled by a certifiably irrational leadership that threatens to plunge the Middle East and possibly the entire world into a new war.

Why should Americans spend better than one-third of their total foreign aid giveaway budget on Israel? Answer: the “'Holocaust.” Should American military might-your sons and daughters-stand ready to be used as cannon fodder, backing Israel in whatever move it decides to justify? Of course! Why? Well, remember the “Holocaust!”

Maybe you are of German descent. How does this ongoing “Holocaust” war affect you as one who sees the nation of his citizenship as well as the nation of his ancestry bend in total acquiescence to the accusations and outright demands of a group whose sole interest is Israel? — their actions, reactions and justifications all predicated in one way or another on the “six million” — the “genocide.

Consider how such a massively financed propaganda campaign as the “Holocaust” could and has caused tremendous injustices and malignments between nations.

Look at the cold logic behind it — those thrusting this “Holocaust” guilt upon the West with such frantic intolerance of any opposition have thereby shielded themselves from any fundamental criticism.

This indeed is Israel’s #1 propaganda weapon. Israel can do no wrong for she alone suffered the “Holocaust".

And we are supposed to stand in stupefied awe at the proclamations of prominent religious figures who tell us “God will only be good to America so long as America is good to Israel!”

To Kill the Truth

During the past 4 years the IHR has been stripping the covers of distortion and emotionalism from the realities of World War II. But as we continued to publish, the research, informing Americans of the other side of the story; as we exposed the “extermination” and “gas chambers” claims as the dismally crude yarns they are, elevating the issues to a level of broad perception-that’s when the walls began to come down around us.

We have been slandered continuously by the press, smeared with every imaginable name, repeatedly threatened with death, demonstrated against violently, bombed, assaulted and hit with a $17 million lawsuit. We've confronted everything — everything except an honest debate. Doesn’t that tell you something? They are simply refusing to answer the facts, trying instead to crush us by sheer force and violence.

We hold that people have an inherent right to look, evaluate and verify for themselves. Some disagree on this point — they want you to unquestionably believe just what you are told.

Don’t you think it’s about time you, for yourself, took a good, hard look at the other side?

If, like a growing number of Americans, you are becoming just a little suspicious of this whole “Holocaust” canard; if you are tired of being told that Israel is sacred, and of paying for it; if you have entertained any doubts about the “six million,” the “gas chambers” or the alleged planned extermination; or if you're just curious about the Revisionist view on these issues, then you had better right- now subscribe to The Journal of Historical Review, the pioneering Revisionist quarterly published by the IHR.

A Source of Vital Information

The Journal is the only forum for consistently high quality, original material on the “Holocaust” and other historical controversies. In every 128 page issue you'll read some of the most myth-shattering articles available anywhere, written by the researchers and scholars from around the world who are revising “accepted” history in the light of hew or previously suppressed information.

The Journal of Historical Review, a fiercely independent publication that has been mailed to subscribers continuously on-time for 3 years, and the IHR Newsletter, an 8 times per year topical update on. events of interest to Revisionist minds everywhere — both subscriptions are yours for the regular subscription price of The Journal alone — $30. And what’s more is that your subscription to The Journal also entitles you to a 5% discount on any of the more than 100 books and cassette tapes offered by the IHR.

Subscribe now and the first issue you receive will be the one containing the major lectures delivered at the IHR’s Third Annual Revisionist Conference held in Los Angeles last November. It’s a powerful issue that will also include Dr. Robert Faurisson’s in depth, illustrated analysis of the Anne Frank Diary.

The IHR and The Journal of Historical Review are on the forefront of the new history in action — a history that refuses to be blindly agreeable or ignored. Isn’t it about time you took a good look for yourself?

This flyer was issued by the Institute for Historical Review in 1982. It is being electronically reproduced here for historical purpose only. The offers described in it do not apply! For details refer to: