The Holocaust Historiography Project

A note from the editor

This issue, we are again privileged to welcome new names onto our distinguished Editorial Advisory Committee. Percy L. Greaves Jr. graduated in Business from Syracuse University in 1929, and studied Economics at Columbia University in New York City. He later worked as Financial Editor of the (now merged) U.S. News. In 1980, he ran as a Presidential candidate for the American Party. Dr. Charles E. Weber teaches in the Faculty of Letters at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. He authored a fine book review which appeared in our first issue. Dr. Weber has repeatedly come under fire from the illegal Anti-Defamation League but writes to us in his letter of acceptance: “My ordeal, instigated by the ADL, while not to be taken lightly, has had a tendency to stiffen my resistance.”

Of course, we do not envy the ADL their current predicament. After 66 years of policing the thoughts of America, and peddling lie after lie ("the Nazi slaughter of 17 million human beings” according to their “10 Priorities” pamphlet) the Anti-Defamatory pigeons are now coming home to roost on number 823 United Nations Plaza with some unsanitary results!

Not only are the Zionist Thought Police having to deal with stubborn academics such as those temerarious members of our Editorial Advisory Committee, who value truth more than career advancement, but the ADL are now having to deal with a train of events among their own community which few could have anticipated.

On the one hand, there are those brave individuals among the Jewish community who can see the writing on the wall. Moshe Menuhin and Rabbi Elmer Berger (whose memoirs we sell at $13 and $5 respectively) laid the groundwork for the current campaigns by Jews to rescue their kinfolk from the clutches of unscrupulous, power-mad Zionists. Dr. Alfred Lilienthal believes that when the American people finally realize how they have been conned for so long, they may direct their anger not just at the Zionists responsible for the trickery, but against all Jews. Bezalel Chaim of the Revisionist Press in Brooklyn believes that Zionism is anti-Jewish, since the traditions of Jewry are for a libertarian life-style, not vicious, statist, repression and imperialism. Outspoken Orthodox leaders such as Rabbi Moshe Hirsch of the Neturei Karta sect maintain that Zionism is unreligious, and in fact a blasphemy. Jewish thinkers such as Noam Chomsky of MIT and Dr. Howard Stein of the University of Oklahoma (whose feature on the Psychohistory of the Holocaust we published last time) believe that we have a duty to pursue the truth, no matter what the consequences. With such courageous fighters for truth inside the Jewish community itself we should all take hope that the Zionists have not had everything their own way. And with more and more Jews realizing and decrying the dangers of Zionist superimposition on Jewry, let us also hope that Dr. Lilienthal’s fears of a host community backlash against all Jews (once the Zionists' game is widely discovered) will not be realized.

A much greater problem for the Zionist internal gestapo at the moment is the phenomenon of naive zealots letting the cat out of the bag. Our old friend Yaakov Riz, who has in his basement Holocaust museum a bar of Jewish soap which stubbornly refuses to be forensically examined (see our Summer 1980 issue, page 131) wrote in the Jewish Press of 5 September 1980 that Jews should use as much trickery as possible in peddling Holocaust lies. He gave an example from the Talmud where the angels Michael and Gabriel tricked God into drowning an entire army (or as some might say, a platoon?) of Egyptians. They did this by showing God a dead Jewish child and an Egyptian brick (or as some might say, a dead typhus victim and an empty can of Zyklon B?) Such open advocacy of mendacity cannot be other than an embarrassment to the ADL’s slick Exterminationist propaganda machine.

Likewise, the zealots of the so-called Jewish Defense League must have caused a few gulps at UN Plaza. On the last day of November two dozen JDL “militants” paraded their scrawny physiques outside the Orange County home of Dr. Reinhard Buchner, here in Southern California. Among other slogans, they chanted: “Who do we want? Buchner! How do we want him? Dead!” Their niceties were reported in the next day’s Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and followed up by some editorial condemnation from the normally Judaeophile paper.

One of the most insightful revelations was published in Chicago, in the aftermath of Moshe Dayan’s remarks on Israeli TV that the quality of America’s armed forces was low because the ranks were filled with “Blacks who have low intelligence and low education” and that Israel’s survival could depend on U.S. military intervention. He went on to advocate a renewed draft to “ensure that fresh blood and better brains” go into the U.S. forces. One of the most distinguished columnists on the Chicago Sun-Times, Mike Royko, responded (26 November 1980) that Dayan’s remarks were racist, insulting, and downright arrogant. As if that was not bold enough in itself, Royko also spent eleven paragraphs describing what happens to any columnist who dares utter the mildest criticism of the Israeli junta. He wrote that “if there’s anything as certain as sunrise, it’s that a writer who dares criticize Israel’s government policies will be accused of being anti-Semitic.” He went on to describe how critics are subjected to letter-writing campaigns, and Israeli government demands for “meetings” with the writer and/or his bosses. He pointed out how American newspaper criticism of the Israeli government is much milder than in Israeli newspapers, but that the “hypersensitivity” of Jewish-American organizations means that “Most commentators think very carefully before they set out to write something about Israel. Nobody wants to be bombarded with the ugly charge of anti-Semitism.”

Here we have an example of Zionist arrogance not only letting the cat out of the bag-that Zionists don’t think that Blacks are just like us except for the color of their skin; that Zionists don’t believe in the freedom of individuals not to be drafted into military slavery; that Zionists don’t think that the U.S. shouldn’t interfere in countries overseas-but we also have here an example of the Gentile backlash against such brazen presumptuousness. Of course it may be that Mr. Royko spent his eleven paragraphs discussing Zionist hypersensitivity to criticism in order to head off just such responses, or at least to head off a carpeting from the local Israeli consul. (In fact, Mr. Royko’s audacious column will be one of the principal items in the file which the ADL have already opened on him, and if the file starts to grow even a little bit too bulky, he will have to seek employment elsewhere.)

The real significance of the Royko column is that it shows just what kind of thing happens when foolhardy Zionist zealots let their mouths run away with them, especially if there are media present. If Mr. Royko can see through Zionist trickery and arrogance where intervention is concerned, there is no telling what will happen when some Zionist loudmouth lets slip the truth about the “Holocaust.”

Director: Institute for Historical Review
Editor: The Journal of Historical Review

From The Journal of Historical Review, Spring 1981 (Vol. 2, No. 1), page 4.