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A Note From The Editor (Summer 1980)

The first issue of THE JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL REVIEW reprinted the speeches given by various noted Revisionist thinkers at the first-ever Revisionist Convention, held at Northrop University in Los Angeles, over Labor Day weekend, 1979. Most of these speakers concentrated on the “Holocaust” and boldly demonstrated its fraudulent nature.

Reaction to the first issue has been very favorable. More and more academics are waking up to this; the greatest academic hoax since Piltdown Man. These academics are encouraged by the high caliber of research which has so far been published in this field. In our second issue, we again focus almost entirely on the “Holocaust.” This is partly because there is such a wealth of material badly in need of publication, but also because the issue is a topical, and indeed, a vital one. A Third World War looms ominously on the horizon, and it threatens to engulf the United States yet again. This time around, the theater of conflict appears to be the Middle East, and without a doubt the U.S. will be expected to pitch-in on the side of the Israel entity. One of the main “arguments” put forward for this alliance is that six million Jews were gassed and therefore we all owe it to them to make amends. The intellectual gymnastics of this “reasoning” will be obvious to any thinking person. But there will undoubtedly be many who will be taken in, even though the argument is a total non sequitur.

This is where Revisionism of the “Holocaust” comes in. If we are able to demonstrate effectively that six million Jews were not “gassed” but were simply a product of the Zionists' Machiavellian imaginations, then the entire war-mongering strategy will collapse on its own terms. This demonstrates the necessity of “Holocaust” Revisionism as a key to avoiding any immediate, Middle East warfare.

But on a longer term basis, we need to have Historical Revisionism over a whole range of 20th Century events, particularly the lead-in to world wars. For it is only by understanding the real reasons and real nature of warfare, that we will be able to avoid future warfare.

Therefore, as of the next issue, we will be devoting more of our space to non-"Holocaust” matters than we have done so far. We will cover as wide a range of 20th Century events as possible, in order to gain more insight and understanding of the real reasons behind them. We will still be publishing “Holocaust"-related articles, of course, but they will take up no more than 30 % of each issue. For one thing, there is just so much valuable and unpublished material on this subject; it would be unfair to ignore it. In particular, we will be publishing more articles by the Swedish researcher Ditlieb Felderer. His first-hand researches are astounding.

This broadening of our Revisionist outlook will also be reflected in our 1980 Revisionist Convention, to be held on the first weekend in August, at a different university campus in southern California. The list of speakers will be announced soon, and attendance application forms may be obtained from this office. I look forward to meeting you there.

LEWIS BRANDON (David McCalden)
Director: Institute for Historical Review

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Author: Lewis Brandon
Title: A Note from the Editor
Source: The Journal for Historical Review
Date: Summer 1980
Issue: Volume 1 number 2
Location: Page 101
ISSN: 0195-6752
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