The Holocaust Historiography Project

Contest Winners, October 31, 2007

Holocaust Historiography Project is proud to announce the winners of the 4th Annual David McCalden Most Macabre Halloween Holocaust Tale Challenge, which ended October 30, 2007.

This year’s entries share a theme: Holocaust cuisine. We have yet to determine if the recipes for these delicacies are included in the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook.

Congratulations to each of our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. Here are excerpts from our winning entries.

First Place — $200.00

Speaking in an event commemorating Kristallnacht, Steven Ross told an audience Thursday that it essential to teach about the Holocaust. “Little kids must know, and if they don’t know they won’t tell their children and their children’s children,” Ross said.


His address was often graphic, as he described the manner in which he escaped mass killings and death by starvation. “To survive, we were resorting to cannibalism,” Ross said. “We were eating each other to survive.”


He showed the audience some objects from the camps: The cap he had to wear as part of his uniform; the dish he used to eat, bathe and defecate; prisoners’ flimsy shoes; scissors men used to tidy themselves up before “selection"; and animal figurines made from the crushed bones of Jews. He said his mission is to “keep the images of the Holocaust alive” and “give people an inkling of what it means to be a survivor today.”


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Second Place — $50.00

Eva Olsson, a Holocaust survivor now living in Canada, was the featured speaker at an event held by the Jewish Students' Association on Tuesday, October 12.


At Auschwitz, the guards did a roll call every morning, no matter what the weather was like. One morning they were fed “surprise soup,” which included human hair and bones.

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