The Holocaust Historiography Project

Contest Winners, October 31, 2005

Holocaust Historiography Project is proud to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual David McCalden Most Macabre Halloween Holocaust Tale Challenge, which ended October 30, 2005.

There are some interesting coincidences in this year’s contest. First, each of the winning contestants — and a high percentage of the other entrants — asked that his winnings be donated to the defense fund of Germar Rudolf (the revisionist researcher who has been falsely arrested à la Ernst Zundel), who currently awaits his fate at the tender mercies of the U.S. government. We will be sending Germar Rudolf $250 for his legal expenses. And, inspired by the generosity of our contestants, we will also be making a $250 donation to Ernst Zundel, currently imprisoned in Germany for thought crimes, for his legal expenses. Those wishing to contribute to German Rudolf are urged to do so at:

Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 257768
Chicago, IL 60625

Make your check out to “Castle Hill Publishers.”

Those wishing to support Ernst Zundel’s continuing fight for truth and freedom can send donations to:

Ingrid Zundel
3152 Parkway #13, PMB109
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Also, while the honorable mention winner mentions burning babies alive, so does the testimony from which the second place winner drew his entry. See the full text of each of our winning contest entries for all the grisly details.

Congratulations to each of our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in our contest.

First Place — $200.00

That night the Greenshirts loaded two hundred Jewish prisoners into trucks and drove them to the municipal slaughter house There, in a fiendish parody of kosher methods of butchering, they hung many of the Jews on meat hooks and slit their throats others they forced to kneel at chopping blocks while they beheaded them with cleavers.[…]

The Long Balkan Night, by Leigh White

Submitted by Charles Krafft

Second Place — $50.00

A baby survived its mother’s murder in the Nazi showers. David Faber, a teenager imprisoned at the concentration camp, found it, still suckling, as he pried open its gassed mother’s cold embrace.

The Jewish boy was carrying out Nazi orders to collect gold teeth and any other valuables from the dead. As he unlaced the woman’s fingers, her baby cried out.

Faber and another man wanted to save the infant. They tried to secret it to the women in the camp. They got caught.

The Nazis led Faber and the infant to the ovens.

They threw the baby into the flames.[…]

The man with him was murdered.[…]

“But I survived,” he told them. “I survived.”

Deseret News (,1249,605154420,00.html)

Submitted by William Comer

Honorable mention

They brought an aged woman with her daughter to this building. The latter was in the last stage of pregnancy. She was brought to the “Lazarett,” was put on a grass plot, and several Germans came to watch the delivery. This spectacle lasted 2 hours. When the child was born, Menz asked the grandmother — that is the mother of this woman — whom she preferred to see killed first. The grandmother begged to be killed. But, of course; they did the opposite; the newborn baby was killed first, then the child’s mother, and finally the grandmother.

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal. Volume VIII. Proceedings: 20 February 1946-7 March 1946. [Official text in the English language.] Nuremberg: IMT, 1947.

Submitted by Simon Gilford

We have the full text of these winning contest entries.