The Holocaust Historiography Project

Appendix 3: Attached Documents

  1. Intercepted cable version of report on conditions in Auschwitz by Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler report to Czechoslovak intelligence, June 1944. (6 pages)
  2. German Foreign Office message to Buenos Aires stating the status of the pension of the retired headmaster Karl Laudien depends upon the “unequivocal separation” from his Jewish wife. (1 page)
  3. Intercepted 20 October 1944 Spanish diplomatic cable from the ambassador to Washington, Cardenas de Silva, to Madrid that reports request for Spanish delegation in Budapest to intervene on behalf of the endangered Jews, as well as the notice of Swedish plans to help, including the dispatch of Raoul Wallenberg. (1 page)
  4. German VN (Verlaessliche Nachrichten — “Trustworthy Report"), which is a translation of an intercepted U.S. State Department cable from Bern, Switzerland, to Washington, D.C., reporting on the status of efforts to help Jewish internees by Sweden and the International Red Cross. (2 pages)
  5. Boston-series translation of a message from Budapest reporting the results of Adolf Eichmann’s special action group in removing Jews from Hungary. (1 page)
  6. Vichy Premier Pierre Laval’s statement of September 30, 1942, “With Respect to the Treatment of the Jews in Unoccupied France.” (3 pages)